The Engagement Plan: An Angsty Heartbreak Romance Novel (The Plan Series Book 2)  by Elle Vaughn

Rating: 4 out of 5.


A few short months ago, Elliot Faulkner was the very last man on earth Penny Reynolds would have ever wanted to fall for. Elliot freaking Faulkner—he’s irritating, exasperating, arrogant, self-centered, egotistical… and she’s fallen hard for him. She can even see herself being happy with Elliot—if only he would give her room to breathe.

Sweet, beautiful, sharp-tongued Penny. Being tied down to one woman was once his worst nightmare. But now, Penny has become Elliot’s everything—the very air he breathes—his every thought. His obsession. But the way Penny reacts when Elliot asks her to marry him is crushing, causing him to question everything.

It’s happening—they’re falling apart. Before they even really had a chance, things are crumbling. The tighter Elliot holds on to Penny, the more he can feel her pulling away. It seems like the only thing keeping them together is their undeniable physical chemistry. But is that enough?

My Review

I recieved this book as an Arc copy and I am leaving an honest review voluntarily.

This book starts with a news article tying up some loose ends from the previous story. Penny is a bit distracted right now with all the new things involved with being a full-time guardian to her brother. She also seems to need time to adjust to her new life. Elliot is still crazy about her, and this book does get steamy quickly. 

Penny’s life seems to be moving on, but she isn’t quite ready for anything more to land on her plate, even though Elliot is hoping for more soon. She did get a job with a bit of help. Timmy and Penny seem to be adjusting to the new life reasonably well. 

This book does jump between points of view and focuses on the inner monologue sometimes. Things aren’t going as planned for Elliot and Penny life is hard, and their relationship is still very new and full of issues. Honestly, this is hard to read. It is disappointing when the fairy tale shatters. It stinks even more; to be emotionally invested in the characters and reading them being torn apart is heart-wrenching. They are making it harder on themselves, making it even worse. 

Of course, the action ramps up, and we see the surprising side of a long-lost friend. Things get very scary for Penny and Elliot. Penny’s past life comes to haunt them both. Penny extended an olive branch but did he take it? We find out so many answers. Surprisingly someone saves them, and it isn’t who I thought it would be. After their rescue and recovery, they rediscover their love for each other and really do begin their new life. 

This book was excellent. It was as good as the last one in the romance, but it did end happily. I love how independent Penny was in the book, even though it cost her a while. I like how determined Elliot was, but I hated that he gave up eventually. This book was a bit of a romance whiplash. I did love that the author brought them back together. I also loved that they realized life wasn’t worth living without the one they loved. This was a really good read full of excitement and emotions. I know another book is coming in this series, and I can’t wait to see what the author comes up with next. 

If you would like to read this book I highly recommend you read the first book in this series first The Breakup Plan. You can find The Engagement Plan by Elle Vaughn on Amazon. As an Amazon associate I earn on qualifying purchases.

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