Q & A with Author H.C Newell

H.C. Newell is an american indie Author who is best known for epic fantasy. Her debut book The Curse of the Fallen is a first book in a series she is working on about magic, perilous trials and redemption. Check out here Q & A below and grab yourself a copy of this fantasy read.

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I can’t wait to get to know this author better and read more of her fantasy books. if you do read her books and love them feel free to leave her a review on goodreads, Amazon and all your favorite book sites.

Question 1 When did you start writing?

I’ve been writing since childhood. During elementary school I would create screenplays that I wanted my cousins and sister to reenact. As I got older my love of writing transformed into fiction in the form of fan-fiction novels. My cousin, sister and I would write stories about our favorite bands or TV shows and post them to websites online. I would write in spiral bound notebooks during class and let my friends read my books. During adulthood I found my passion for writing in the fantasy genre, and began creating the Fallen Light series in early 2014.

Question 2 What comes first, the plot or characters?

It all depends on your writing style. For me, I believe they both come together. You know you’ll have an antagonist, a protagonist, and a plot. Those things should *always* come first when writing any story. Figuring out their motives and then connect those motives in a realistic and exciting way. By creating these conflicts and plots you inadvertently begin to create your character profile without even realizing it.

Question 3 How many books have you written? Which is your favourite?

I’ve written close to twenty completed books, though they aren’t edited or written well enough for publishing. They’re all just a fun hobby that I enjoy for myself. My favorite book is the one I’ve published!

Question 4 Where do you get your inspiration?

Video games like Final Fantasy X & XV, The Witcher, and Skyrim were massive inspirations. Viking, Native American and Nordic cultures also helped to inspire a lot of the cultures and lifestyles. Of course with every fantasy you go back to Tolkien and the classics, but for me I think that video games was the biggest inspiration.

Question 5 Can you share with us something about the book that isn’t in the blurb?

Aside from Neer’s main quest, which is to get to Nhamashel, there is a secondary quest being taken by two secondary characters who are on their way to Nhamashel to save someone they love. They all meet along the way and decide to help one another through this journey. Their storyline is extremely important to the later books as they mention many factors and characters who will contribute to the overall plot of the main series.

Question 6 Tell us about the process for coming up with the cover.

The cover idea was one that I always had in mind, even in the early days when my book was just a young adult novel (it’s now an epic fantasy, but the first 3 drafts were young adult!) The Tree of Life was one I always envisioned using as it represents so much more than nature and life and coexistence. It has many different meanings, and the usage of the trees within the books is vital to the plot, so to have a major element of the books turn out to be usable as the cover just worked out perfectly.

Question 7 Are you working on anything at the present you would like to share with your readers about?

Book two is underway, as well as a side novella that follows some of the characters from book one! These are set to release in spring of 2022!

Question 8 What book is currently on your bedside table?

I honestly don’t read very much so the only thing on my nightside is a tv remote! 😬

Question 9 What do you like to do when you are not writing?

I love hiking, playing video games, and hanging out with my husband.

Question 10 Share something your readers wouldn’t know about you.

I’ve only read about 10 books in my life! I don’t have the attention span to read many books, and honestly when I start to read it just makes me want to write!!! I love creating stories more than I enjoy reading them!

Question 11

Coffee or Tea

Movie or Book

Coke or Pepsi

Morning person or Night Owl

Paperback, Ebook or Audio Book

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know H.C Newell if you love epic fantasy you will love her book. I have already read it as an Arc and review will be coming soon. Make sure you grab your copy of The Curse of the Fallen , it is available on Amazon and currently free in Kindle Unlimited. As an Amazon Associate I earn on qualifying purchases.

Thank you so much H.C. Newell for asking us to review your book and agreeing to our Author Q & A. I look forward to your spring launch of the next book in your Fallen Light Series.


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