Filthy Rich Vampire (Filthy Rich Vampires Book 1) by Geneva Lee Albin

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Julian Rousseaux has a problem. He’s single, and for the world’s wealthiest vampires, the social season is about to begin. Julian would rather stake himself than participate in the marriage market. But as the eldest, eligible Rousseaux he’s expected to find a wife before the season ends—whether he likes it or not.

When cellist Thea literally stumbles into his life at a gala, he knows she’s the last person he could ever fall in love with. She’s too innocent, too kind, and way too human. But now that she knows about his world, she’s also a walking target. She needs protection. He needs a fake girlfriend to discourage overzealous vampire matchmaking.

So, Julian makes Thea an irresistible offer: pretend to be his lover and he’ll change her life. For one year, they’ll attend the season’s social events together in exchange for his protection and a way out of her mother’s crippling medical debt.

She can’t say no. But the vampire world is impossibly decadent and darker than Thea ever imagined, and Julian’s filthy rich vampire family wants her out of the way. But with each moment they share, new dangers emerge: a desire as forbidden as their stolen touches, an awakening of a long-dead heart, and secrets that could tear them both apart.

My Review

This book has an “Interview with a Vampire “ and “Twilight” vibe. The story includes age gap, paranormal, and forbidden love. We go from contemporary in San Francisco to almost historical with the traditions and rites in Paris. Of course, just as I thought this fabulous story was gonna elaborate instead, it leaves me wrecked with a cliffhanger ending. But a new book will be out soon, and I can’t wait to read it. 

Julian is a cranky vampire, but he relies on his assistant Celia. I find it intriguing that he lives on an island off the coast of Florida but not belonging to any one government. This gets more twisted as we find out the real reason he is awoken and what his duty entails. 

Thea is a cellist and a coffee lover. She is funny and a hard worker. I love her quips in the conversations. 

The vampire elite has some peculiarities, and I’m still trying to understand them. She is feisty and intelligent and definitely pushes his buttons. Their conversations are fabulous. Ah, I was wondering when reality would hit Thea. 

Thea’s world is rocked with paranormal revelations. What will happen now? Julian is old-fashioned and trying to fit into the new world, which is hilarious, and Thea is kinda a hot mess, but at least she owns it.

Thea is very innocent and amusing watching this old vampire teach her things. They keep mentioning “ the Rites,” and I want to know their exact details as they are talked about so covertly. 

This relationship gets steamy, and we see a side of vampires we don’t usually see in these books. Thea and Julian are magnetically attracted to each other, and you can’t help but feel it in the pages. This book has a lot to understand in it, and we get a romantic date, a sexy interlude, and then it wrecks me with a cliffhanger ending. I can’t wait to read more, mainly if it includes the same characters. I want to know what happens to the fated mates, star-crossed forbidden lovers. I truly enjoyed this Vampire Romance.

If you want to read Filthy Rich Vampire by Geneva Lee Albin, you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Assocaite, I earn on qualifying purchases. You can also preorder the next book in this series now here. It is supposed to be released October 4th, 2022 and I am so excited to read it.

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