Tiger-Dragon’s Forbidden Mate:(Essence Authority: Vampire Guardians Noble Book 1) by Sammi Mason

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’m a throwaway—unwanted and unloved. I believed Tank was different; he wasn’t. I’ve ignored his command to stay away, and I’m back, for good.

Tank’s life has been shot to hell twice. The first was over a decade ago when his baby brother brought his best friend home. A vulnerable girl nearly twenty years younger than him, with a potently captivating charm. The second time, only a few weeks before, he was turned into an alpha vampire, with a mysterious inner voice demanding he shift.
When Tank finds Lacey waiting for him, he can no longer ignore the emotions he still considers shameful. Can Tank open his heart before Lacey’s clandestine past catches up to her and her young son

The first book in the new Essence Authority Series: Vampire Guardians Noble and set in the same world as my Rock Falls series. With characters making appearances in both series.

My Review

This paranormal romance is more complex than most, with multiple obstacles in the way of the happily ever after. Some are mental, magical/supernatural, but all are dealt with. I love Tanks’ swoony Alpha personality and how he treats his women and will burn the world for her. However, Lacey’s character doesn’t know who she truly is, and her personality constantly changes throughout the story. I think I like the final rendition of her the best. I like that the author included a little steam, a lot of action, and a riveting storyline; even though it is twisted and sad, it still has a romance. I love Zinnia’s character and want to know more about her. Not everything is perfectly resolved, but the romance at least ends happily for now.

I love the introductions to this book; in case you haven’t read previous books by Sammi Mason, you may not know about the EA or Essence Authority, but the intro is a quick summary of important information.

Lacey is the rejected, abused foster kid who can’t seem to find a home; she has lots of self-doubts. Lacey is damaged, and her issues may be a sensitive subject for some readers. This book takes us back to high school, where we get to know a bit of Lacey’s past and Tyler, her one friend who also happens to be related to Tank and I-Do ( from previous books ).

After revealing the first chapter, we jump forward to the present day. Lacey’s clandestine meeting with Tank, seven years in the future, doesn’t go as planned, and she has a secret. I can’t wait to find out what happens.

The secret comes out, and I can’t wait for the story behind it. These two have a complicated history for which we don’t have all the pieces. Also, this book doesn’t take place in the same setting as the last but in North Carolina. I find it curious that the relationship between Tank and Lacey is riddled with complications and uncertainties, most of their own doing. Is it forbidden because of who she is and what she has been thru, or because they are making it forbidden to hide their lust for each other?

I love how caring Tank is a true mate who is protective, loving, and unselfish. This story gets more complicated by the revelation of a Lacey not being quite so ordinary. The author does include some steamy scenes for mature adults.

If you would like to read TIger-Dragons Forbidden Mate by Sammi Mason you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Assocaite, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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