Crowns and Challengers: Alpha Academy by Vicki Castle

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The quest for the truth reveals a twisted tale of past and present betrayals.

After a tumultuous beginning Alpha Blake and Princess Elara finally have their happily ever after. Everything is perfect, until a random attack while visiting another pack turns out to be not so random. Having found bliss and with her ex now graduated, Elara is looking forward to a drama free year.

Elara, Blake and their closest friends dive into an investigation and uncover a plot to destroy the royal family, thus the kingdom. Each of these young Alpha’s would do whatever it takes to save the kingdom, their packs, their families, and their mates. Can they figure out who is behind it all before it’s too late?

Meanwhile, their unknown enemy continues to lay the foundations for an uprising. Time is running out as it looks more and more like this insurrection will affect every level, of not just the werewolf kingdom, but all the creatures in the hidden supernatural world.

The Alpha Academy Series is a collection of shifter romance novels. While each book is action-packed, full or twists and turns, contains a full story and ends with no major cliffhangers, there are some overarching storylines that may not be resolved at the conclusion of this book as they run throughout the series. These books feature recurring characters and settings, as well as strong thematic links. But each novel can be read as a standalone novel, and they do not necessarily need to be read in order.

My Review

Welcome back to Alpha Academy, the addicting story of Alpha Blake and Princess Elara as they navigate this year of school as mates and a twisted plot unravels to harm the kingdom and the royal family. It isn’t all roses and happily ever afters for Elara and Blake or other mated students we know of, as this story gets suspenseful and twisted. Of course, our Princess and Alpha are at the center of this and find themselves clueless but ready for what is thrown at them. Can they solve this mystery before someone gets hurt?

I like how the author included the book’s suspense and action, making this one unique paranormal read. I truly loved most of the characters and the plot lines with the academy, Alphas, and family drama. I had a lot of moments while reading that left me shocked and gasping in this page-turner of a story. I can’t wait to read more by Vicki Castle.

We pick up with Elara’s pov she is taking responsibility for her royal duties and her mate Alpha Blake. The banter in this book is fabulous. I love how strong and feminine Princess Elara is. The author is quite cheeky in this story, already ramping up the steamy scenes, but they aren’t overly detailed. I love Alpha Blake’s strategic mind. His inner thoughts must be fascinating.

Ah, we get Kat’s pov as well; this is a big day for her and Ryan. She is full of doubt, and her last actions don’t help; she has a lot to atone for. I still don’t like her. Oh, twisted, I didn’t expect that.

The action ramps up, and so does the suspense and intriguing plot. I don’t love Elara’s decision; honesty helps, and unfortunately, keeping things to herself may cause further issues. Ah, another minor problem arises, granted. This one is much more fun.

The book does time jump a little between povs, sometimes even backtracking. So far, it has been Elara’s and Kat’s not sure why but I’m sure there will be a reason.

Oh, this book gets better; add some supernatural powers to these wolf shifters, and I can’t help but love the story. Is it wrong? I’m jealous of the castle library and totally enraptured by the description. This book gets more twisted as Grace’s story is revealed. Surprisingly, we get the villain’s pov; it helps connect the dots, but I feel bad for the poor kid with her. What will it mean? I don’t feel this was thoroughly explained.

Okay, so I find myself shocked by all the twisted interconnected workings in this book, but I want to know who these unknown people are; they seem essential to the story twists, yet we have no idea who they are. It does become apparent as you read further.

Just as the action ramps up and the truths emerge, the author adds a dabble of fantasy, but I genuinely enjoy her creative thoughts. The end of this book is amazing, and I’m not ready for these characters to not be the story’s center. I want more Elara, Blake, Ollie, Sarah, Brandon, and Grace.

If you haven’t read Mates and Memories, the first book in the Alpha Academy Series, I highly recommend you read that book first.

If you would like to read Crown and Challengers by Vicki Castle, you find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Assocaite, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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