Mates and Memories: Alpha Academy Book 1 by Vicki Castle

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A competitive environment stocked with hormonal teenagers and young adults. What can possibly go wrong?

Alpha Academy is a prestigious werewolf school for high raking werewolves. Before they are handed their positions, typically on their 21st birthday, all future Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas, and pack doctors are required to attend the Academy from the ages of 16 – 21. Here, they gain training within their area of expertise and practice inter-pack cooperation.

Currently in attendance is Princess Elara. She is your typical spoiled pretentious Princess until she loses her memories in a mysterious accident.

When she’s found by future Alpha Blake, who happens to be Elara’s rejected Mate, she doesn’t remember who she is, where she is, or what happened to her. In a reckless impulsive moment, Blake spontaneously kidnaps the daughter of the notoriously ruthless Wolf King, and takes her back to his pack for their scheduled school break.

The plan to teach Elara some humility works a treat; the once snobbish, bullying, pampered, impossible to please, and unbearably rude Princess becomes a Justice Champion for those without a strong voice. Meanwhile, unbeknown to Blake, a massive hunt is underway to find the missing Princess.

Not only did he put his pack at risk but seeing Elara in this new light is distracting him—falling for his now ex-mate was definitely not part of the plan.

How will Blake get out of the mess he created? What happens when Princess Elara regains her memories? Will she learn to forgive or seek retribution?

How will Blake get out of the mess he created? What happens when Princess Elara regains her memories? Will she learn to forgive or seek retribution?

My Review

This book is a new adult paranormal romance about Academy students, royalty, and fated mates. The author also includes rejection and second chance mates in this drama-filled story. There were other topics in the book, but the couple Alpha Blake and Princess Elara are the main focus of this story. The story itself is twisted and will definitely leave you guessing what will happen next. I love the mischief and changes we read as the characters mature thru this story. This book does include steamy scenes. I can’t wait to find out what happens next for all the characters we have gotten to know and their fated mates.

I love the dedication at the front of the book and the fact that the author pulls no punches with her wording.

We begin this book with Blake, who has just turned eighteen; he is the future Alpha of the Silver Crescent Pack and hopes to find his mate. He is at Alpha Academy, a school for high-ranking pack members and doctors. He is a bit confident, almost borderline arrogant. Interesting, he smells his mate in the cafeteria but quickly surmises it as something else. I wonder who it is?

Princess Elara is a snobby Barbie part of the elite group of girls or maybe the leader. He describes her like he is interested. She seems to be his fated mate. This should be intriguing. Omg, I love how truthful his beta is, sparing no words with him. Ahh, what a witch, how could she and before he even has a chance. That girl seriously doesn’t deserve him.

We get her point of view; we’ll see if it helps cause right now, I don’t like her snobby princess attitude right now. Okay, so she has her reasons, but still, they aren’t compassionate. She does have a long-term boyfriend whom she thinks is true love. I hate him already. This book gets steamy, and she lies to her boyfriend; of course, that makes me want to hate her even more.

Poor Blake, I really feel bad for the guy. He is a strong and unstoppable future Alpha and an adonis that all the girls want. I hope he pays her back for the pain she has caused, as it is so mean. But the school party and wolfsbane beer seem to bring out the wild side of some of the students.

Ryan is the ex of Princess Elara. Things get juicy as this book really describes the young adult drama. Oh, this book takes a turn as our haughty princess becomes a victim. I don’t like how she goes about things, but she didn’t deserve this either.

This book just got crazy; totally not what I expected. Elara gets taken to the Silver Crescent pack, but she doesn’t know who she is. Blake and Ollie seem to be nice guys, at least until they basically kidnap her. She does find out the truth. Now what?

Omg, I can’t believe it. How can this be such a great story about fated mates and this happen? The book will surprise you, so hang on during the fated mates’ soap opera. I’m glad things work out and the second chances mates as well. This book ending did surprise me, and I can’t wait for the next book in this series.

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