Faking Ever After (The Ever After Show Book 1) by Chiara Crane

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Jesse and I are trending on Twitter. No one knows our relationship’s fake.

I had a crush on Jesse in high school. That is, until he betrayed my trust.

Since then, I’ve been avoiding my hometown. But I got dragged home for a season of my parents’ TV show.

Jesse’s and my parents have been giving love advice on air for 20 years, but the whole thing’s in jeopardy. I only made it worse with my drunken bad decisions.

The guilt is killing me, and I want to make it better. I want to save my family’s show. I want to get my own show.

We can smooth things over with the public if I pretend to be in love with Jesse.

Cocky, irritating, hilarious, infuriatingly sexy Jesse.

The thing is, the longer we fake it, the more real it feels…

My Review

This contemporary romance story is an excellent book about a second chance romance with a fake relationship, a tv show, and characters with a bit of wanderlust. The drama in this book is very realistic, and the love stories are as well. I like how the author approached the characters, families, issues, and resolutions. This was a refreshingly current read with many integrations to technology we use for the characters and their livelihoods. I enjoyed the humor from Jesse and the overthinking from Natalie. I love how the book wrapped up and really enjoyed this read.

Natalie is a writer living in New York. She works as a freelancer for a newspaper. Her summer job doesn’t pan out, and she gets given a new opportunity, but it also diverts her summer plans. Until the agent diverts them back, this could be interesting.

Jesse works on the family show, helping find a broken couple to put back together, but he is cynical about love. She is hot a mess on arrival, and them together is awkward. I do love her geeking out about volcanoes and travel. Despite her own history, she manages to make a drunken action that quickly becomes a mistake. Now she must be in a fake relationship with Jesse for the show.

The author includes a little sass, steam, and fun into this fake relationship and tv producing storyline. She is hot and cold, unsure of what she wants, which seems to confuse him. The deep harbored resentment of their past does come up a few times.

Natalie is anything but confident she often second guesses and worries about everything around her and her every action. Okay, I didn’t see that coming, but the geek in me loves it. I also didn’t see him finally going after her; just wow. But I love how the author worked out the end of this book with the tv show, the revamp of their parents’ show, and of course, real love.

If you would like to read Faking Ever After by Chiara Crane, you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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