Touched:(Touched Saga Book 1) by Elisa S. Amore

Rating: 3 out of 5.

An Angel Of Death Shouldn’t Fall In Love With His Prey…

Evan is the Grim Reaper. For centuries he has killed mortals in order to ferry their souls to the other side.
Until he met her.
Gemma’s fate is sealed—He must take her soul.
What never occurred to him was that he would fall in love with her.

My Review

This young adult paranormal fiction has similar tropes to the Twilight Saga. But it is about a reaper with a human lover and defying fate for love. I found the story very surreal and a struggle to get connected with the characters. I did like the author embraced the love triangle, supernatural, and forbidden love all quite clearly. I won’t be reading any further in this series.

This book was recommended to me by a Facebook ad, and I noticed it because of the like Twilight advertising. The Touched Series seems to be 4 books with a spin-off and some short stories.

This story starts out tragic, with Evan narrating the moments on the bait in the lake where he takes the souls of the teens he drowns. He is the Angel of death. We begin the story from his point of view. He runs into Gemma on his next mission, and it seems she can see him in his ethereal form.

Gemma is an anomaly in Evan’s existence. Still, she is a human who lives to read paranormal books and take photos. Evan has a few brothers who stop by Drake, crass, and Simon, who seems to pick up on his emotions. They immediately know something is up with him. The author wraps up his supernatural nicely with grim reaper adjectives and talk of scythes. This gets twisted as she is now his next order.

When we switch perspectives to Gemma, the writer uses a different font, but it is harder to read. This book has a surreal quality as the main characters jumps between real life and a dream world but doesn’t know reality. The high-school scenes at Lake Placid high seem to be building to something, but not much is happening so far.

This book is a half-ghost story and half reality, and sometimes I think Gemma is losing it. We finally switch back to Evans’s point of view, and maybe some of these unexplained phenomena will be explained for those of us who are confused.

One second he is resigned to his fate and takes, and the next, his moves are a surprise. But then we are back to the love triangle / forbidden love and the high school immaturity. I’m honestly not sure where this is going and how. I admit the tropes are similar to Twilight, but it doesn’t have that enchanting quality that sucks you into the story.

The book gets exciting with quite the action scene. There are sown really suspenseful scenes toward the end of this book. However, I don’t blame her for wanting the truth. The truth does finally come out, and of course, Gemma is in life or death danger. However, they do end up living happily for now.

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