Teaching Kennedy (St. Augustine University Series Book 3) by Kenzie Green

Rating: 4 out of 5.

When she was good, she was very good, but when given the freedom to be bad, she was even better.

Kennedy lived a meticulous life with a calendar full of daily tasks and endless to-do lists waiting to be checked off. Her love life was no exception. She put full faith into the validity of the love checklist until she found herself on the arm of a man who checked every box, yet found herself drawn to a man his polar opposite.

Adam lived a life most dreamed of. He was handsome, intelligent, and his wealth was unfathomable. Dating should have been easy for him, but it never was. He was constantly chasing second dates with women, until he met Kennedy. After their serendipitous meeting, Adam was no longer interested in chasing second dates–he was chasing down the one.

When the two fated lovers come face to face on campus, complications arise as Kennedy realizes their mutual attraction could put her reputation at risk. Despite this, she finds herself drawn to the carefree man, wanting to know more about the man beneath the millions

My Review

This book is about Kennedy and Adam. Two people who happen to meet in life and can’t jump into a relationship due to their circumstances, but they both grow into it. Kennedy is a TA and is working on her Ph.D. Adam is a computer prodigy with his own company who went back to school for the experience. Love hits them both when they least expect it, and they must figure it out while not breaking all the rules. I love that characters are swoony, relatable, and intelligent. This was a fabulous read.

Kennedy is at a fancy bar in New York with Payton for a wedding. She would rather be anywhere else. This book does start in the past from where the last book ends.

Kennedy’s date with Payson doesn’t go as planned, but she does meet a guy who sweeps her off her feet. She is shy about putting herself out there and decides to go to her sister instead of his room. I wonder who he is?

Adam is Avanna’s best bud and date to this wedding, but he can’t seem to get Kennedy out of his mind. Surprise, after four months, she became the TA in his computer science class. But there appears to be dropped information that leads me to believe he is more than a college student. Kennedy is working on her doctorate.

This book slowly moves as the characters battle themselves and correct rules to be together. The author is more descriptive and sneaks over into the new adult fiction genre. Oh, how sweet late nights conversations progress to a trip to Arizona as friends. This book gets steamy as they can’t resist the chemistry that ignites between them.

Omg, Adam is dreamy, a wealthy, tech-savvy man who owns his company. He is young and intelligent and oh so swoony. Omg, I love that she leaped, and this book ends happily.

If you would like to read Teaching Kennedy you can find this book on Amazon. This book is part of the St, Augustine University Series and I highly recommend you read the others to get to know that character they reference in this book, As an Amazon Associate I earn on qualifying purchases.

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