Blinded By Love by Gladys Cross

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Kassie knew she was in trouble when her matchmaking best friend announced she’d gotten professional help in time for Valentine’s Day. Her friend’s attempts had always been hilariously ridiculous and never in a million years was Kassie expecting a hunky firefighter to show up on her doorstep.

Her online dating profile said she was looking for a superhero, and Declan couldn’t help but believe it had to be fate. But fate was a fickle mistress who left him to wonder who he was behind the mask. He’d been hiding in plain sight for long enough that he wasn’t sure if he even knew the answer. And until he figured that out, he had nothing to offer the world, let alone Kassie.

Love had already ended in tragedy once for Kassie, and she feared that history was doomed to repeat itself unless Declan could learn to trust her with his secrets. This time around, would it be enough to harden her heart for good, or would his deception restore her faith in second chances?

My Review

This book is definitely a contemporary romance with a supernatural twist. I love that the author added to her male character with an intriguing ability. Kassie and Declan are super adorable together, and their chemistry is potent. This book was relatively short, but the story did end happily for now. Although a bit confusing and weird, the epilogue did wrap it up nicely. I did enjoy all the firefighter descriptions that the author includes in this book but not so overly described as to kill your imagination. 

Kassie doesn’t realize she has given up life after losing someone dear to her. Her best friend means well and set her up an online dating profile.

Her bestie picked out one hot stud muffin for her named Declan, who is also a firefighter. Interesting, Declan seems to have a supernatural talent. Now I’m curious about where this will go.

Declan has an accident at work and becomes blind, losing his normal eyesight and supernatural ability. Things get steamy as Kassie moves in with him. But then Declan is a jerk omg. I can’t believe he did that. 

However, this story doesn’t end there, and it does get rather weird by the end of the book. Overall this was a cute short read about second chances and minor extra abilities. 

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