Nashville Dreams by Julie Capulet

Rating: 5 out of 5.

They call him the Magic Man, and not only for his riffs …

“All I wished for was to experience that spark you read about, just once. What I wasn’t expecting was the Fourth of July and heaven on earth all rolled into one.” ~ Stella

Bass player Kade Tucker is known as the Magic Man, and not only for his riffs. After breaking off a disastrous relationship, he swears off women. Only problem is, five minutes later, he might have just met the love of his life.

Stella Bell has always done what’s expected of her. Until a secret letter and an unexpected proposal on the same day prove to be her breaking point. For once in her life, she’s going to do something for herself. As fate would have it, that means taking a spur of the moment trip to Nashville.

A hopeless romantic, Stella has been hiding her true self for far too long. And when a gorgeous, mysterious stranger rescues her from a torrential downpour, she decides to go with it. The hot, dreamy Kade Tucker proceeds to enlighten Stella in every possible way, until she begins to realize that some dreams really can come true.

But will Kade’s twisted ex and Stella’s family secrets — along with a very accidental pregnancy — get in the way of their HEA? Or is this a star-crossed match made in Music City heaven?

My Review

This contemporary romance read about star-crossed lovers is inspiring for the romantics. The book is filled with true love, steamy scenes, and a happily ever after awe-inspiring. I love Stella and Kade’s story, from the genuinely romantic moments to the daring adventure ones. This story was fabulous. It was sexy, romantic, and heartfelt. The author really made this story stand out with two people looking for that one true love and their own happiness. This has to be my favorite book of the entire series. 

Kade is stuck in a crappy relationship, and this begins in the past, happening at the time as the previous book. Kade is the older brother of the Tucker Brothers and the bass player for the family band. 

Kade is a mysterious, romantic dream of his true love girl, which he has yet to find. He is soulful, protective, and caring. He meets Stella in an awkward set of circumstances but, of course, can’t help being the gentleman he is.

We do get some do Stella’s story. Omg, I love Stella’s character. She is a die-hard romantic, loving the sweep you off your feet and steamy qualities of them. She fully believes in love and lust combining to make a real relationship. She is looking for perfection. Stella has recently made some significant changes to her life, finally doing things for herself instead of others. She is also searching for her birth family. 

Once she and Kade connect and get, super-steamy Stella has some genuine fears about dating someone so famous. Their first experience out in public doesn’t exactly go as planned. It seems they both have ex baggage to deal with. But this is no rebound. 

Omg, Carmen is psycho and has definitely taken this way too far. Stella is a fighter, and she is fearless and determined. I love how this story ended. 

If you would like to read Nashville Dreams by Julie Capulet you can find this book on Amazon, As an Amazon Associate I earn on qualifying purchases, This book is part of the Music City Lovers Series but can be read as a standalone.

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