The Gamma’s Secret Witch  by Robin Clement

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Gamma’s Secret Witch is a gripping adventure of love, revenge and a magic beyond that of just falling in love…

At the summit of Mount Evans, in the depths of the Colorado Rockies. The Half Moon coven had been peacefully residing under the protection of the Dark Woods wolf pack. This all changed when Willa Brynn decided to turn against her family and coven’s values in pursuit of dark magic, destroying the fragile peace between the two factions.

With the protectors becoming the hunters, the heiress to the coven, the soon-to-be High Priestess of the Half Moon coven Tabitha Brynn, entered wolf guarded territory to save a friend. Unbeknown to Tabitha, she was being watched by Asher Blaine, Gamma of the Dark Woods pack. A hunter ready to bring any witch back to his Alpha. That was until he began to feel the pull, the instant connection, at that moment he knew his life would never be the same again. And all because of a witch.

Could Asher stay loyal to his pack and alpha? Or did being mated to a witch mean he’d be forced to choose between the life he’s known and the life he has been searching for?

My Review

This paranormal romance is riddled with action and inter-species mating as a witch and wolf come together in a very turbulent time. They must defend their love and do what is best for the pack and the coven. Of course, they are also battling dark magic, and a family member has gone astray. This did all work out happily and turned into a lovely paranormal romance.

Tabitha is a witch with the Half Moon Coven, her sister; also a witch, turned to dark magic and broke the treaty they had with the Dark Woods Pack, and now the wolves are hunting the witches. She is next in line to take over as the high priestess of her coven.

Asher is an enigma, quiet but well-spoken, hot but careful. He also seems to be mated to Tabitha. Of course, her forest adventure gives her a run-in with a wolf.

I do like that we get Asher’s point of view as well. Asher is the Gamma of the Dark Woods pack, and his alpha isn’t pleased with his mate. This book gets steamy as they bond and mate.

This book is complicated, with some outside turmoil causing rifts between the wolves and the witches. Our lovely couple must navigate carefully. I can predict where this book will go and when this secret bust opens, there will be a lot of hurt and distrust in the pack.

Surprisingly this played out better than I could have imagined it. Don’t get me wrong, I was pissed at the temper tantrum Luna had. But I loved how they wrapped up this story of inter-species mating and gave us a sweet happily ever after.

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