Fake It For Christmas by Layla Valentine

Rating: 4 out of 5.

It was bad enough agreeing to play my boss’s girlfriend for the holidays,
Then I had to go and fall for his brother…


Billionaires just aren’t like the rest of us, are they?
No sooner has my boss requested my assistance at a winter wedding, we’re boarding a private jet to Aspen, and I’m being introduced to every member of his filthy rich and
utterly insane family as his girlfriend – and he barely even knows my last name!
I know I’ve bitten off more than I can chew,
I just need to play this role for a few weeks, collect my check and go.
So why can’t I tear my eyes off his brother?


At my sister’s wedding, there’s one girl taking all the attention from the bride,
My brother’s new girlfriend – the one he never thought to mention until right now.
Immediately, I can tell that something’s up. Our parents’ approval is hard-won, and it can drive some of us to ridiculous ends…
Are these two really an item? Or, just maybe, did my brother simply not want to be the only sibling here without a date?
I’m a man who always gets what he wants,
And all I want for Christmas this year, is her.

My Review

This book is a confusing romance, but you’ll understand when it all plays out. The author surprised us with an interesting storyline of a fake relationship. Still, then in the mix, real love happens with the wrong person. This story was fantastically twisted and such a cute read. There is a steamy scene; mostly, the author focuses on family, dreams, and love. 

Ellie isn’t ready for the holidays. Her best friend Lainey works at the same company she does. She gets called to the boss’s office, and she is very nervous. Her boss chase Bentley asks her to be his fake girlfriend for a wedding because she is a nobody and no one will recognize her. Omg, she accepts his insane offer. 

At least she gets to go shopping with her best friend on her boss’s card. This farm girl for Ohio is in for a surprise. 

We jump from Ellie’s perspective to Sawyers, Chase her boss, brother. Sawyer is sniffing to uncover the mystery while also being fun and flirty; meanwhile, Chase is uptight and not having fun at all. Sawyer is Chase’s twin making this story even more enjoyable. 

Things get steamy between Sawyer and Ellie, while Chase doesn’t seem to care. This story is complicated, and the twins at an event together make it more enjoyable. Poor Ellie is stuck between her feeling and her commitments, not wanting to disappoint her boss. Wow, how this all works out even though it is a big mess of romance. I’m surprised the story isn’t with the original man in it, but hey, you can’t help who you fall in love with. But the original man does find a happy ever after too. This book ended delightfully even though it was a bit of a twisted mess. 

If you want to read Fake it for Christmas by Layla Valentine you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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