Not So Jolly: A Fake Fiancé Romance (A Cutler Family Christmas Book 1) by Lark Anderson

There are few things my workaholic god of a boss Roman Cutler enjoys more than making my life miserable, and one is just out of his reach, thanks to his dear, sweet mom—firing me.

What’s worse than losing the files to your boss’s pet project?

Finding out your ex-best friend is marrying your ex-boyfriend.

Single and unemployed is not how I’d expected to spend the holidays, so I stick around the office in a sea of tissues and self regret.

But when an unlikely turn of events leads to my boss’s interest in securing an insta-fiancé, it turns out he still has a use for me.

That’s right—my tall, muscular, obnoxiously sexy boss asked me to marry him.

Now, I’m fake engaged to one of the world’s most eligible bachelors, showing up in supermarket tabloids and at premiere restaurants. It’s a match made in desperation, but I can’t deny it’s genius, and thanks to this fiasco, I don’t look like such a loser to my exes.

He’s smooth as fine wine as I bumble for the cameras. I offer an endless stream of apologies, but it turns out my carelessness plays straight into Roman’s plan.

But as calculating as he is, neither of us could have foreseen the consequences of our coupling—what happens when fake feelings turn real?

My Review

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

This book is a wonderful steamy holiday romance filled with a bumbling boss billionaire and a sassy and klutzy girl who just so happen to have insane chemistry. I love the Cutler family dynamic in this book. This fake relationship to real love romance is a sweet, steamy, and fun read. 

This is book one of two in A Cutler Family Christmas series. Melody isn’t thrilled with her job and is quite funny. She is an assistant to the hot billionaire Roman Cutler. Melody’s life is kind of in shambles still after her best friend stole her boyfriend of six years. 

Roman is a workaholic. He is not interested in a family, a wife, kids’ work. His family seems close, but they all seem to value business over people. 

He proposes a fake relationship with moving into his penthouse, a raise, and a different job after she helps him convince someone he has a fiancé. This benefits her too and should be interesting as these two have a ton of chemistry but are both very stubborn. 

Omg, Melody is so klutzy she gives new meaning to the word. I love that he is falling for her faster than she is for him. He makes some big mistakes from fear. I kind of hope he pulls his head out of his rear and makes a significant gesture. This bookending will surprise you. Don’t forget to read the epilogue.

This book has a few minor oops, like a spelling mistake and the wrong characters’ names in part, but it was an excellent read. 

If you would like to read Not so Jolly by Lark Anderson you can find this Holiday Romance on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn on qualifying purchases.

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