Bound (The Academy Series Book 3) BY D.D. Larsen

Rating: 4 out of 5.

As the binding ceremony that will save her clan draws near, Jamie must come to terms with a sacrifice that will change her world forever.

In book three of The Academy series, is an action packed wolfshifter romance full of unexpected twists and turns, an unclear line between enemy and friend, and a heart throbbing romance.

Jamie struggles as the binding ceremony nears and the answers she seeks are still evading her. With every new piece of information, new questions develop.

With the evil spirits an active threat and many more unknown enemies, she embraces her new life as a Wolf Warrior. Her inner wolf helps guide her as she trusts her instincts to save the town of Accalia.

Fighting her heartbreak for Wren, her mate, whose condition hasn’t improved, she refuses to be part of anyone’s plan but her own. When everything feels beyond hopeless, a new hope unfolds in the form of a girl who is said to embody power that rivals those of ancient witches. She could be the answer to both the binding ceremony and Wren’s condition… if only she could be located.

The binding ceremony is set for the Spring Solstice, new enemies emerge as the night approaches, who will survive the night?

My Review

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

This book begins with Jaime dreaming; of course, Wren is present as well. Wren is injured, unconscious, and Jaime is losing it. They are at the Academy, and Jaime still has more questions than answers, but she accepts Wren as her mate.

Jaime’s life is full of love, friends, and family but also secrecy and doubt. She doesn’t know who to trust and still has no solutions to her issues. At least her relationship with her brother is amazing and more like actual siblings. It is peculiar reading this story and Jaimes being so lost and alone. She is a true heroine, but a piece of the puzzle is missing with Wren being unconscious. The action in this book finally ramps up, and I’m just as nervous for the end as Jaime is. Omg, this book ends even better than I expected. I really hope there is a sequel that covers more of the future with Jaime and Wren. 

I love this story. It is unlike most of what I read, but I enjoy the slight steam, the intense action, and the heroine in this book. Jaime is a force to be reckoned with, and it shows as she battles her own mind and her feeling in this story and the external obstacles. I love the support she has in the people she loves. Even though this book is different with less relationship stuff, I did enjoy the read. This book is much more action-packed and intense. I liked how the author revealed the person not to be trusted at the end of the story, and it was a complete surprise. 

If you haven’t read the rest of The Academy Series make sure you read them in order to truly understand the Heroine and her family issues. Start with Destiny and then Journey before you read Bound.

You can find The Academy Series (3 book series) by D.D. Larsen on Amazon. You can also just grab this latest third book in the series if you have read the others. Bound (The Academy Series Book 3) by D.D. Larsen is available on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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