Pumpkin Everything (An Autumnboro Sweet Romance Book 1) by Beth Labonte

Rating: 4 out of 5.

After calling off her fall wedding, horror novelist Amy Fox is left with a broken heart, a mega case of writer’s block, and a serious aversion to all things pumpkin spice. When she receives news that her grandfather has broken his wrist driving through a Dunkin Donuts—literally straight through the front windows—five hundred miles away, in her hometown of Autumnboro, New Hampshire, Amy has no choice but to return to check on him. If she doesn’t make sure that he’s back on his feet, Grandpa may be moved into assisted living, and Amy’s beloved childhood home will be put on the market.

Knowing she must return, Amy worries about the only thing worse than pumpkin spice—a reunion with Kit Parker—her childhood best friend, first love, and entire reason for skipping town in the first place. As the two reconnect, a second chance seems possible…if only Kit weren’t holding on to a secret that just might unravel everything.

My Review

Amy is a successful writer, not successfully married, and has avoided her hometown for ten years. She gets a call that she must go back. She gets mom guilted into it, honestly, but what does she have to lose. 

Autumnboro, New Hampshire described as an idyllic town nestled in the White mountains with tons of fall charm from incredible vistas to cute shops. I can just imagine the autumn vibes in this perfect town. The author makes me smile with her descriptions in this book, “sweater-clad leaf peepers” omg, too funny to imagine. Kit Parker is a lumberjack-dressing tow truck driver and book lover. With luck, her car broke down, and she is met by the one person she didn’t want to see just yet, her high school boyfriend next door.  

Oh, this book is making me crave all this fall, like pumpkin spice drinks, apple cider, and cinnamon smells. This book is full of town nostalgia as she sweeps thru Main Street and finally gets settled in her grandfather’s home. Her life gets more exciting by the day as she confronts her lost love, starts writting again, and sees the town’s value and people she left behind. The romance amps up, too, as well as the steamy scenes, and her and Kit try again but dont worry nothing more then kissing. Then just as I think all is well, they kind of have a big disagreement. However, it all works out in the end anyway. 

She apologizes to the townspeople for what she wrote in her books and has started writing again using the characters in a different light. She really does turn her life around. There are some big-time jumps in the chapters of this book. This book ends sweetly with a nice wrap-up on the latest events and people and how they are. 

This book had all the autumn vibes. It also had a great second chance romance with friends to lovers and lost love. I love the author interwoven the small town into so much of the story. This story was as much about the place as it was about the main characters. I loved how even ten years later, they gave themselves a chance and compromised for each other. This couldn’t have ended any better, and I loved how relatable the characters were. 

There is a second book in this series that I look forward to reading this fall .

If you would like to read Pumpkin Everything (An Autumnboro Sweet Romance Book 1) by Beth Labonte you can find it on Amazon. As an Amazon associate I earn on qualifying purchases.

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