Awakening Adi (Iron Mountain Book 4) by Havana Wilder

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Embarking on a journey to find herself and who she is Adi stumbles across her fascinating heritage.
In the search for her true identity her she’s faced with a heart wrenching decision to help a friend who knows all about her and her gifts.

Callum walks into her life in need of help and her world comes to a screeching halt when she finds out why…
~All is not as it seems~

Deciding to help a guy whom her current love interest hates causes her already chaotic world to turn upside down leaving her questioning her everything.
She soon finds out there is no action too horrible or too grand when pursing the one you love or are fighting your enemies.

Adi finds herself stuck in a love triangle between Callum and her beloved Larson.
Torn between right and wrong, justice and peace, honesty and immorality. Adi struggles to embrace herself and the world around her hoping others can do the same.

Does the war she chooses to fight end in victory or total defeat?
In the midst of all the mayhem will either guy ultimately win Adi’s heart or has too much damage been done to end up with either one of them?

My Review

Adi and Larson aren’t getting along as well as before, and she doesn’t know why. According to the prologue, it has been a year. She also gives you a prelude of sorts to the dust extinction event and the fantasy world as it is now. She updates about the characters we know and love from previous bookstores, each of their significant others. Adi has some pretty cool abilities. She is very torn about what to do for her health with the two men in her life. What will she do?

Larson and Adi have been circling each other for a long time but never getting to the next step. It is curious the man knows what she is and tells her a tale about more like her. I’m not sure what is up with him, but something is definitely weird. This book does jump in perspective between Adi and Larson.

This book gets more fantasy implied as we discover Callum’s past and gifts. He has some exceptional abilities and a very concerning vendetta. Tova also has a secret and isn’t telling. Between her and Larson’s silence, this book seems to have a lot of mistrust in the relationships. They are not telling for different reasons. This book gets extremely complicated as, in some cases communicating breaks down, and the action ramps up.

Honestly, I thought Adi acted like a spoiled, petulant child since she didn’t even let him explain. I thought Larson was acting a bit more mature in at least trying. However, as all gets explained, I was surprised to see the characters let their emotions get the best of them. This book was really different than the others in the series.

The action definitely ramps up, and this crew doesn’t disappoint. But watch out for the time jump in the chapter near the end of the book. The author weaves a fanciful story that, yes, does end happily.

I’m glad the ending of this book is happy as it makes up for the chaos in relationships that most of the book is about. The secondary plotlines are exciting but seem a little more fairy tale-guided than the other fantasy in the book. I do love that each character in this story has unique gifts that help them. Is also love that family and friends are an essential aspect in all the books. This story was mainly about Larson and Adi, but it did include other couples from previous books. This could have been read as a stand-alone book, but it wasn’t as captivating to me as the earlier books. I do look forward to reading the next book in this series as I have enjoyed connecting with each person and relationship in this book. Each couple is different and their own issues as well as gifts. This book was a very young adult, not really any steamy scenes in the story. The action and adventure were different and more of a secondary to the romance in the storyline.

If you would like to read Awakening Adi by Havana Wilder you can find it on Amazon. I also recommend the other books in this series be read before you read this book. As an Amazon associate I earn on qualifying purchases.

The Iron Mountain Series

Protecting Tova (Book 1)

Defending Pierce (Book 2)

Restoring Dani-Jo (Book 3)

Awakening Adi (Book 4)

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