Defending Pierce (Iron Mountain Book 2) by Havana Wilder

Arc read

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A devastating turn of events throws Pierce’s intentions into question and leaves Tova’s life hanging in the balance.
Following a fatal attack by the Savages, in an attempt to catch the person(s) who is attempting to hurt Tova and now her friends, leaves the two guilty culprits dead, reminding us that things aren’t always as they seem
Now, as struggling Tova fights to stay alive and Pierce faces grave consequences of his actions, everyone soon learns…
~ The Fight Isn’t Over ~
An evil, bitter, determined villain, will do anything to take revenge out on them, even if it means all-out war on the entire territor

In the midst of all the mayhem, does the community of Iron Mountain stand a chance against this treachery?
Defending Pierce is a whirlwind of events. This exciting journey follows Pierce and Tova in a dystopian world inundated by threats, mysteries, and betrayal.

My Review

I love that this book started precisely where the other 1st book Protecting Tova left off. We are still in a dual point of view, jumping between Tova and Pierce. The characters for the 1st book are still the main characters in this book which I absolutely love.

Tova is getting better slowly, and of course, something crazy has to happen. But, it can’t all be roses and sweet romance. This book’s conflict is not one I saw coming but makes sense given the battle at the end of the last book.

I do believe you need to read these to understand the characters and relationships in the book.

Pierce is talented, strong, and very protective, but can he protect himself from the charges.Are they gonna get to say their vows? Will he eventually show her the loft? I love watching this couple get closer, and so far, this book is a fantastic read. I did enjoy that a resolution to one conflict was quickly discovered, but of course, there is always more. The author lets us further into her fantasy world by explaining holidays, traditions, and beliefs. Happiness comes as a surprise, but I love how thoughtful Pearce is and how surprised Tova was. The actual intimate scenes are only hinted at not fully described making this book appropriate for a young adult audience with some maturity as the book contains lot so gruesome action.

This book is sweet, action-packed, and will definitely give you all the feelings. I don’t know how many times I cried while reading it. I love how insightful the characters are to themselves and others. This was a fantastic story full of love, hope, and edge-of-your-seat surprise. Pierce and Tova were an amazing set of characters to watch mature in this book with their talents and friends. All the protectors were marvelous, and I love how the family was so important. The author did a fantastic job creating this fantasy story and being detailed but never dull.

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