Nameless Season One by Dean Koontz

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I adore these little bite-size stories he’s come out with. You can check them out via Kindle Unlimited and it will populate to your Audible. Listening to each episode will take a little over an hour. They’re perfect for a commute or cleaning day.

There are six episodes in Season 1 and those are all reviewed here. I’ll create a separate post for Season 2 when I finish it.

Into the Fire is the first book and introduces us to Nameless and what he does. It deals with a pair of pedophiles / serial killers and the single mother that is trying to protect her daughter from them. As the story unfolds you are pulled in to their struggle and feel well satisfied that the bad guys got what was coming to them. There is not much known about Nameless but seeds are planted and it seems like we might find out more about him over time via the mysterious visions that he has.

Photographing the Dead has Nameless following a serial killer that preys on hikers in remote areas. Much of it takes place in and around Death Valley and when he describes the sun as rising with thermonuclear ferocity and I nearly died laughing. I live out that way and it is an accurate description of sunrise in July. Nameless saves two women who nearly landed in his clutches before bringing truth to our bad guy. We get another glimpse of a woman and two children that seem to be haunting him.

In Praying Mantis Bride, we deal with a Black Widow who has left a trail of dead husband’s in her wake – each wealthier than the last. Finally, she murdered someone involved in Nameless’ operation and we get to see their psychological torment of her as they bring truth into her life. Nameless gets another glimpse of that disastrous night and still doesn’t understand what it signifies.

In Red Rain we meet Regina Belmont, who lost two children and was left disfigured by a house fire. Nameless goes after the arsonist and brings some truth into his life and the lives of the guys that hired him. About this time, you realize you are totally rooting for a merciless vigilante and just can’t help yourself. All these folks have it coming and the law can’t or won’t do anything about it.

In The Mercy of Snakes we find out about a string of not-so-suspicious deaths at a retirement home that equaled big payouts for the deceased’s loved ones. Nameless hunts them down and turns them against each other in this delightful addition to the series. Narcissists are the best bad guys. So busy looking at themselves that they can’t see what’s coming for them.

In the final installment of season one, Memories of Tomorrow, we find out how Nameless came to be and why. He hunts down a name who killed his wife and kidnapped his young stepson. This case triggers the walls in his mind to break down and we finally get a glimpse behind the curtain.

You can get these books via Kindle Unlimited or Audible. I highly recommend them. They do contain mature content but it is not explict.

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