Irresistible Bachelors 2: A Romance Collection (Irresistible Bachelors Collection) by Lauren Landish

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Four must-read romances!

Includes former Amazon Top 100 titles Matchmaker, Motorhead, Baby Daddy, and Untamed.
Featuring hilariously sassy leading women and the hunky men who tame them! Books 6-9 (of 9) of the Irresistible Bachelor series.

My Review


Emily seems to be on some sort of Bachelorette show, having to choose between two guys. Then the book jumps back to the beginning. Emily is a small-town girl taking a chance. She didn’t know quite what yet but eventually get the gist of it.

The bill does jump points of view between characters. We also get Hayden’s point of view. Hayden is a washed-out sports player who has taken to modeling. His agent commits him to the audition for the show without him knowing it.

Wow, this book takes you behind the scenes of the reality game show as Emily and Hayden, and 14 other guys compete for her. Emily’s make-up and hair team are a riot. I love them off the page personality. This hook gets inter-as it heats up. You definitely get some behind the scenes in a reality show.

This book and the reality of this show are a little disappointing. I mean, I totally didn’t expect that and probably cried ugly tears. But then it turns aground unexpectedly, and it all works out even better. So keep reading even thru the sad scenes. I loved this story is like a true fairy tale come to life, and how she based it on a reality show and contestants was even better. I loved seeing the behind-the-scenes of it. Hayden and Emily really surprised me in the book, and the steamy scenes were scorching. I also love how at the end, the author tied the charters back to previous books.


This book starts with Mackayla opening her own business. She is the beautiful hairstylist from the last book who was very spirited. Her shop is in Great Falls, Idaho. Near Emily with Brad. McKayla and Brad are a class act of humor together. Evan is a hot sexy biker mechanic whose shop is across from there’s; he also suffers from PTSD. McKayla and Evan are steamy. We’re talking five-alarm fire on the pages. Unfortunately, it couldn’t be easy for these two. I definitely don’t love the sleazy man who’s trying too hard. Evan is super damaged, but there is a lot of compression in him as well. He is growly, protective, and sometimes a jerk.

Mackaylas’s personality is outrageous in this book, but I love her style. But can she tame the damaged, bad boy biker and handle the demons in his past. I love how in all the books by this author, she ties the characters back somehow to previous ones or ones from her other books. This book gets exciting before it finishes. Hold on to your hats for this wild ride. I love how this story ended. It was beyond swooning and sweet. I love that in this book, the male was the one with issues, not our female character. It was refreshing.

Baby daddy

Just the title of this book makes me think it will be scorching hot. The intro of this book is something else. This book features Rose, who was a minor character in the last story. Rose owns the mountain Rose boutique. She is fashionable, friendly, and intelligent, but she is missing a man in her life. Brad is hilarious in this book, just like the last with his larger-than-life personality. He and Rose are great friends now.

Nicholas is a god personified, and Rose can’t seem to resist turning the pages of this story with a short tryst with him. Be prepared for a time jump. Oh, Rose gets a surprise. I mean, she wanted it but maybe not quite like this. Things don’t work out at first, and I honestly thought this fairytale was gonna crash and burn.

Surprisingly they do work out, and wow, that was one heck of a hormone overload. The rest of this book is scorching hot. I mean, steamy is off the charts. This family may get their happy ever after, after all. The end of this book surprises me, but it made me smile nonetheless.


This is Ana’s story. She is the Treys younger sister and an E.R. nurse. Damn, this prologue is erotic .and sensual; the author cranked up the steam on this one.

Aubrey is a mountain man. He lives in the peace and quiet of nature on Bear Mountain. He has issues and a lovely dog. Interesting, he seems to have some history with Ana from the past.

This book does jump points of view between the characters. Ana takes a much-needed vacation and happens to go to Aubrey’s rental cabin. Not sure what the story is with these two, but they seem to have some history that didn’t end well. Will ten years make a difference?

Oh, their history gets revealed a little, and wow, I wasn’t expecting that. Their chemistry is on fire, and the adventure in the forest sound amazing. Wow, the truth of the last comes out and is super sad. But how do they go on, and if they do, is it worth it for both of them?

Ana had a big decision to make for both her heart and his self-preservation. Yes, I got teary-eyed as he revealed the trouble in the past. My goodness, Trey is an amazing brother. I swear he would be swoon-worthy to Ana if he wasn’t family and with Brad. This story ends happily, but it takes some healing to get there.

Each of theese books is a standlone book and you can find them on Amazon separately by checking out Lauren Landish’s Author Page . You can also get them like I did in the box set on Amazon under Irresistible Bachelors 2. As an Amazon associate I earn on qualifying purchases.

If you haven’t read Irresistible Bachelors 1 I highliy recommend you read it, it is a great set of stories like this one. If you loved this book you may also like books with theese tags and categories Steamy, Romance,and Standalone.


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