Irresistible Bachelors: A Romance Collection (Irresistible Bachelors Collection Book 1) by Lauren Landish

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Five must-read romances.

Includes former Amazon Top 100 romcoms Anaconda, Mr. Fiancé, Heartstopper, Stud Muffin and Mr. Fix it.
Featuring hilariously sassy leading women and the hunky men who tame them! Books 1-5 (of 9) of the Irresistible Bachelor series.

Football star and Internet sensation Gavin “Anaconda” Adams is the biggest celebrity this little town has ever seen.
But will one night with vivacious maid, Brianna Sayles, cost him everything?

Mr. Fiancé
Businessman Oliver Steele finds himself running favors for his best friend, as in, pretending to be Mindy Price’s fiancé for a week.

But what happens when what’s supposed to be fake… turns real?

Roxy Price is the girl with the golden pipes, with dreams of stardom and a successful music career.
After a night of letting loose, she meets Mr. Right Now for a night to remember. The only problem? When she goes in to work Monday morning, she’s greeted by that same irresistible smile.

And Mr. Stone is making it perfectly clear that strictly professional is not in his vocabulary.

For Workaholic Hannah Fowler, a trip to Hawaii is just what she needs. Except it’s supposed to be strictly business, sealing a real estate deal for her company.

When her arch nemesis Tony Steele shows up to compete for the same property, Hannah surprisingly finds herself fighting to keep the deal… and her heart.

Mr. Fix It
When Cassie White finds herself working alongside shirtless friend Caleb Strong on her childhood home renovation, she can’t help but see him in an entire new light. But they’ve never crossed that line. They’re just friends.

But she’s got needs, and he’s got the right tool for the job.

My Review

If you are looking for a sweet romance with plenty of hot scenes and even some comedy, look no further. This set is terrific. The author does a great job of pulling your emotions into every story. The plot builds slowly, but there is always something holding the character back. I love how they overcome their fears, holdups, and sometimes themselves to take a chance on love. This is a combination of books, but each story is a little different. All of them have a happily ever after and even have characters in the other stories. The characters are sweet, charming, sassy and definitely lacking a filter. The author includes lots of tongue cheeks jokes, puns, and double entendres that will have you laughing. I love how each romance book has its own setting and challenges. This set is genuine, and takes your wildest fantasy, and makes it believable. It isn’t just lust and hot scenes that will make you dream but also men who are so well described and impressive with the women they love. I mean, who doesn’t love an exceptionally well-written love story with comedy, tears, and explicit content. I love that the author was so descriptive and definitely not bashful with her characters. The author did a fantastic job of incorporating a plot with the romance. This set is filled with excellent chick-lit stories you may just want to read again and again. There is another set similar to this that I have to read later, but I’m left swooning at all the sweet stories and amazing fantasies for now. 

Which story is your favorite? 

This book set has mature content for older readers it contians lot of explicit material and mya not be suitable fpr young readers.

You can find Irresistible Bachelors: A Romance Collection (Irresistible Bachelors Collection Book 1) by Lauren Landish on Amazon if you interested. As an Amazon associate I earn for qualifying purchases. 


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