Romance Wars by Alex Bahscot

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Pat Benatar was right. Love is a battlefield, but if you’re expecting a clean fight… forget it!

Two lovable characters separated by a common language.
Rozlyn Rook: All AmericanFeisty, talented and principled
Nathan Knight: Annoyingly English. Charmingly wicked.

The difference between them is as wide as the Atlantic.
Roz won’t accept defeat, and Nathan has never encountered it.

Roz could describe Nathan Knight in five words, four of which should never be uttered in front of children 

My Review

I’ve read a preview of this book and loved it and wanted to read the whole story. I was thankful the author was willing to give it to me in exchange for an honest review as an arc read. 

Rox is our heroine in this story. She is sassy, spirited, and has a no-nonsense personality. She is a columnist who answers questions about relationships. Her competition is Nathan. He is brazen and fights dirty. He is also a columnist for a competing newspaper that has a similar column answering questions about relationships. Reading the prologue or short of this story did give a lot of insight into the story and the characters. I highly recommend reading Nathan Thinks He Knows Best. 

This book begins at Christmas time. We start in Roz’s apartment. She is regretting attending a high school reunion but still her feisty, blunt self. Wow, every conversation in this joke is laugh-out-loud funny. 

Sue is another journalist who seems to have issues with her own ego and rage but mainly focuses on Roz. Read further, you’ll know why, although it is a little petty. 

This book jumps between perspectives, and it does take a minute to see who you are reading about. Sue has it out for Roz, and it all starts with her class. This book then jumps again to Nathan’s view between him, Sue, and Roz. This is bound to be epic. 

I wonder what happens if Nathan and Roz meet. I’m imagining one heck of a firework show. This book doesn’t disappoint. Wow, the author is cheeky with her humor and thinly disguised tongue-in-cheek comments. 

Omg, this book is so naughty, but I love the advice in the class. Roz is a genius, and Sue is quite the seductress. Wow, the spectacle in this book is something else. One battle down, one more to go, will Roz beat the odds. 

As you read thru the chapters of the books, you seem to get snippets of the most essential items of the day or the funny moments, whether they be a conversation or an action. In one of these snippets, the author managed to integrate her name into the account, which was fantastic. However, you don’t get the whole story with both character’s reflective thoughts on the highlighted snippets. Yes, I promise this does turn into a romance, although it doesn’t start as such. These snippets do contain some comic relief and highlight moments to remember. I can’t get over the goat. 

These two are a riot between their competitive nature, steamy scenes, and quick-witted tongues. They are a force to be reckoned with. 

If this book couldn’t get any more exciting with their lives, how about adding in a new problem to fix. This problem definitely adds some suspense. But of course, this book ends spectacularly with it coming full circle and ending with what we love most of these characters. 

I really enjoyed the banter throughout the book between the characters. I love how the author incorporated her own origins in the book and even her last name. This book was full of comedic lines and funny moments. The romance was peculiar, but it was there between Nathan and Roz. I loved the adventures and the sad moments. I really enjoyed the love quiz. This book was a fantastic read. I definitely recommend it if you’re looking to laugh, smile, and enjoy sarcastic jokes. 

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