Nathan Thinks He Knows Best by Alex Bahscot

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Prequel to the Hilarious RomCom Romance Wars 

Nathan Knight is no gentleman, Roz maintained.
A scoundrel no doubt, agreed her assistant.
Are you mocking me?
Let’s face it Roz. He’s gorgeous.
He fights dirty, Maxine. Hits way below the belt.
You’ve been known to–
I’m a woman, Max. It’s allowed. Expected even.
You like him, don’t you?
What? Are you completely mad?
He has a really tight ass.
He IS a tight ass. There’s a difference, Max.
He blew you a kiss behind your back.
What! When?
And winked at me right after.
When was this? You’re lying, aren’t you?
Maxine shrugged her shoulders, but said nothing.
It’s exactly the kind of thing he’d do to annoy me, Roz said.
I wish he’d smile at me the way he does at you, Max replied.
He’s the enemy, Max. Never forget that.
Max sighed. I wish he’d take ME prisoner.
For heaven’s sake, Maxine. Just listen to yourself.
He could torture me night and day and I’d beg for more.
Please, Maxine, fight the desire to share your fantasies. 
An evil grin spread across Maxine’s features.
Don’t tell me you’ve never thought about him… in THAT way.
In WHAT way? Roz asked.
Him tying you up. Ripping the clothes from your body?
Roz’s face turned an amazing shade of pink. Never!
You’re lying. You turn pink even if you think about lying.

My Review

Roz is an witty advise columnist who despises her competitor Nathan .Nathan seems to be competitive , maybe a little braver in his advice and not afraid of the competition .This book is from a dual point of view. I love how obscene the authors gets not afraid to bring in explicit wording..The wordplay in this story is epic and funny .The back and forth between the columnist is epic. Things heat up as they go back and forth and this get interesting as they duke it out with words and radio calls .These two alpha personalities against each other is quite comical . 

I liked the plot the author weaves into the story it was original and funny . I love the brutal wording she used and the no bull comebacks that were involved . They obviously plan and plot like evil geniuses . This was an awesome prequel to what I’m sure would be a fantastic read . This is short story intro to the book Romance Wars by Alex Bahscot. I highly encourage you to read both.

You can find Nathan Thinks He Knows Best by Alex Bahscot on Amazon. As an Amazon associate I earn on qualifying purchases.

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