Alpha Wolves Want Curves Series by Aidy Award

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Dirty Wolf: A Curvy Girl and Wolf Shifter Romance

Max Troika never thought he’d be the alpha of his pack. That was his older brother’s fate. Assassinations have a way of ruining everything. Including who Max can take as a mate. It sure isn’t the cute and curvy librarian inspiring his dirtiest dream every night.If you love flirty, fun, action-adventure paranormal wolf-shifter romance, this book is for you!

Naughty Wolf: A Wolf-Shifter and Curvy Girl Romance

Betrayal never felt so good…

Kosta Troika has to betray everything he believes in, if he’s going to save his pack. He’ll do whatever it takes. He never expected the sweet, sassy girl next door with curves he’s had a very naughty crush on for years would fight to save him.

Heli’s had it easy her whole life, until her sister gets kidnapped and her boyfriend turns out to be a werewolf. What’s a girl to do, but save the day? Turns out that’s harder than it sounds. 

Kinky Wolf: A Curvy Girl and Wolf-Shifter Romance

The Fate of Wolfkind is in His Broken Hands~

Niko Troika gave up everything, his pack, his best friend, his ability to shift, to ensure the entire wolf-shifter society wasn’t exposed. He saved them all from total destruction, but he simply doesn’t have anything left to save himself. Under the light of a full moon, he finds his salvation…in her. His one true mate. The one woman whose heart he broke and would never love him again.

Zara’s been to hell, and it’s filled with greedy wolf-shifters. She won’t let anything stop her from her crusade to save anyone else from being driven insane like she was. Not even love.

But the two of them are caught in the middle of a pack war, and something dark and sinister doesn’t want either of them to remember who or what they truly are.

Hungry Wolf: A Wolf-Shifter and Curvy Girl Romance

This wolf is hungry…and he know just which thighs he wants to bite~

Aleksei is too damaged to fall in love or for anyone to love him. No brave wolftress would want to be mated to the enforcer who couldn’t save their alpha from being assassinated. The last thing he needs is to be set up by the matchmaking widow of the man whose life he failed to protect, at a Friendsgiving dinner with their whole family, and at a strip club, none the less. What he needs is a decoy date to get everyone off his back.

Helena has purposefully pushed love away anytime it even looks at her funny. She won’t be burned like that again. She’s even gone so far as to get the one job in town that would keep men off her back. No one is going to make a pass at the plus-size manager of the Naughty Wolf gentleman’s club. Except the town’s matchmaker doesn’t buy any of it. Now Helena’s goal is to get through Friendsgiving without appearing like a pathetic loser who doesn’t have anyone to love them. What she needs is one of those growly Troika boys to act as her date just for one night.

Hungry Wolf is a holiday fake relationship story about a broken hero and a sassy curvy girl set in the Wolves Want Curves world where you’ll get to revisit all your favorite characters again.

My Review

Book 1 – Dirty Wolf

Gal is human who falls in love with a wolf shifter Max. But wolf shifters can’t mate with humans right ? The books heats up as the conflict does with a pack war and broken rules .I love how supportive his mother is and how Max stepped into the role of protector and that evolved into more.  This book contains intense flirting , explicit scenes and lots of violence . It also has some laugh out loud comedy and some truly romantic content . I love that they broke the rules in the name of love and I think the author did an amazing job of introducing the human and pack to us in a dual perspective . This book makes you fall in love with the characters . It was an enjoyable read with lots of naughty content . I was really surprised by the turn of events in the book . I was even more shocked by how they allowed love and the human gained some powers.

This is a series I will want to read more and thank goodness their is a second book I look forward to reading Naughty Wolf.

Book 2- Naughty Wolf

This book is about Kosta and Heli . Kosta is a wolf shifter in the Troika pack who is seeing a human . His brother from the last book took one as a mate and his pack is fighting for human and wolf relations . Heli is the sister Zara and the friend to the main characters on the last book as well as Kosta girlfriend .  She is determined to find her sister he is determined to keep her out of trouble . They both get into a whole mess of trouble with other packs and other alphas . She does find her sister and he does realize she is his true mate . 

I love that the wolfs mate with human and pass on ability’s or even the ability to change to a wolf shifter in theese stories . The fact that author uses main characters that are curvy is fantastic as well. Her stories are steamy , romantics and usually contain some sort of action and adventure. 

Book 3- Kinky Wolf

This is Niko’s story. He is the oldest of the Troika brothers. His mind is seriously messed up, and he has a lot of regrets to love with. Zara, his true mate, was the one he left behind and loves still; he didn’t know his bite on her caused her issues for the past 8 years. She is messed up in the head until all gets explained, then she embraces her gifts. Finally, he realizes that he would give up everything for her. This book gets interesting really quick. It delves into so much fantasy and other shifters, even demons, and dragons.

The love and steamy romance scenes are unique, and just like the other books in this series, this one didn’t disappoint with an exciting plot. Some twists and turns and, of course, family. I’m excited to see what comes next now that all the brothers are mated and Alphas of their own packs.

Book 4- Hungry Wolf

Helena is the office manager or woman in charge of the Naughty Wolf strip club. Selena played matchmaker and took over thanksgiving dinner at the Naughty wolf. She brought Helena a blind date. Aleski is a wolf enforcer who has been down and out lately, but he goes with her plan. Until he sees Helena, then this book gets steamy. Yes, even more steamy than your oven burning the turkey. This book then gets twisted with visions, the troika pack, human mates, and so much more. But it does end happily; however not sure what the epilogue in the book has to do with the story. It kinda seemed out of place, and these Books have started to get a little too dark for my liking.

I really enjoyed how steamy the author makes the story. I love the protective males and stubborn females in this book. However, this storyline has been getting darker from book 3, and I find myself not as interested in reading it. I won’t be reading more in this series. I do love the fact the author has wolf shifters mating with humans and humans getting powers but adding in the dragons, the drama of the underworld, and other nonsense kinda killed the romantic story for me.

Although I enjoyed the first few books in the series as the series progreessed to include more then just a pack wars I really did loose interest. I did all 4 of the books in the direct series but they did start to becoem predicable to me.

If you would like to read the Alpha Wolves Want Curves Series by Aidy Award it is for mature audience, It is available on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn on qaulifying purchases.

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