Becoming His by Albany Walker

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Sophia Briar is a lone wolf. On her own since her parents died when she was fourteen. Sophia isn’t used to being around other shifters. In fact, the one time she did run into a pack, she met her mate – and he rejected her. Sophia’s fended for herself all these years, and now, in Michigan, she’s desperate to create a new life for herself. The only problem? It seems her mate has found her, and this time, he isn’t letting her go. Masen Black is the Alpha wolf of the Northern Territories. He’s accustomed to getting everything he wants – until Sophia. Walking away from his mate when she was just a teenager nearly destroyed him. Now that she’s back, he’ll do everything in his power to possess her. To own her. To make her his Luna.The one thing Masen doesn’t count on – Sophia not bending to his will. A unique species all her own, she’s never bowed down to anyone – and doesn’t intend on starting. Not when Masen left her heartbroken. Not when he doesn’t quite know how to treat her as his mate, and not one of his pack. Especially not when he refuses to see the truth behind the conniving, wanna-be-Luna Roxanne.

My Review

This book is a standalone wolf shifter book. I love that this book brought out a different side of the mate bond. The bond isn’t all easy, and you can see that it takes more than just attraction. Sophia is extraordinary. Unlike most wolf shifters, she is strong, sassy, and exceptional. Masen is used to being Alpha and doesn’t adapt well to a wolf who doesn’t do as she is told. I enjoyed the hardship between the main characters and the story that defines them both. Their personality and emotions are easy to connect too as the reader. Sophia’s history impacts her current personality as she is adjusting to a new world, new mate, and life as the Luna besides Alpha Masen. Masen has a history that keeps them on their toes and engages a lot of feelings. Even when trouble finds them, they stick together, learning to be with each other and handle what life throws at them. This book has lots of steamy scenes throughout. I love that it ended sweet even though there wear lots of trials in the beginning. 

I did notice some grammatical errors, but they wear easy to overlook. I loved this story and thought the author finished it well with the epilogue wrapping everything up nicely. I felt that the author portrayed feelings and the steamy scenes well enough though I wish there were some elaboration on the story’s parts. It seems like the steamy scenes could have been more descriptive, and the tragic elements of the story could have been enhanced to invoke feeling. But overall, this was a fantastic shifter romance story with all the characteristics of one I have come to love. 

This story is rated MA for a mature audience it is explicit.

You can find Becoming His by Albany Walker on Amazon if you interested. As an Amazon associate I earn for qualifying purchases. 

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