Hunted By Fate (The Alpha Territories Book 2) by Shannon Mayer

Rating: 3 out of 5.

The Vampire King is dead…

So now I’m on the run from his maniacal successor, with a critically wounded vampire prince who needs feeding and the maid who loves him at my side.

And I thought the Harvest Games were bad…

To make matters infinitely worse, I’m pretty much obsessed with the General of the Vampire Army, who—spoiler alert—has been tasked with leading the hunting party sent to kill me and my not-so-merry band of misfits. The only chance we have of getting through this mess alive is to throw ourselves at the mercy of the neighboring werewolves and hope they don’t rip us to shreds. They are the key to defeating the newly crowned “King” Edmund and saving the Vampire Kingdom from a return to the old days. Days filled with unchecked cruelty, torture, and mayhem.

It would take a little cunning and loads of audacity to even attempt to negotiate an alliance between two species that have been warring for centuries.

Luckily, I’ve got both in spades.

My Review

I’ve been excited to read the next book in this series; the first was a little mix of historical and vampire romance with some fantasy thrown in and really hooked me on this storyline.

I appreciate the map at the beginning of the book. The prologue starts us in the past with a look at Evangeline and Lycan, the Werewolf King. They have some serious chemistry and a star-crossed lovers’ vibe. But they also seem to have a torrid past and a hidden secret.

Dominic, the general of the Vampire territory. This first chapter picks up where we left off with Sienna. Her life has changed drastically until now, and I can’t wait to see where this fantasy goes. This book is much more political than the last, with moves, countermoves, planning, and desperate hopes. 

Sienna’s heritage is still as baffling as before, but new supernatural talents begin to arise. I wonder what paranormal she is and fully what her abilities are. This book almost gives me “Princess Bride” vibes. I know old movie references, but it has the theme of action/adventure, star-crossed lovers, and unrequited love littered thru the storyline. We get future riddles to work out regarding Sienna’s ability.

This book takes a turn as things progress; we get a rollercoaster of political and social predicaments. Sienna is different in the last half of this book, becoming more heroic and less weighed down by her feelings and self-imposed responsibilities. Hard truths are delivered, and even with all the plotting, unexpected actions lead this toward something. The book ends with Dominic and Sienna back to being acquaintances rather than lovers. I’m glad the author answered questions about why the Werewolf Queen is essential to the storyline, but this book wasn’t as good as the first. Still interested to see what happens next and praying for more info about Sienna and Dominic working out back to lovers, as that was more intriguing than political plotting. 

If you would like to read Hunted By Fate by Shannon Mayer, you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

This book is part of a series, and I suggest you read it in order starting with Taken by Fate, or you can get the entire The Alpha Territories books on Amazon.

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