Overseer’s Fierce Mate (Vampire Guardians Noble Book 2) by Sammi Mason

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A cat shifter with a grueling search. An Overseer healing from his past. A malevolently arcane magic primed to destroy their love.

I-Do is swamped by guilt. She’s spent twenty years battling to fix her failure, not even being turned into a Vampire-shifter deterred her. But when her hotter-than-sin booty call claims she’s his mate, he threatens to undo her hard-fought repentance.

Hudson is a man on a mission. The jaguar shifter’s dedication as an Overseer helped him recover from abduction and torture. But he never imagined he’d go from passionate hook-up to a mate bond that could kill him.

When I-Do relents and accepts Hudson’s help, she vows to keep their relationship professional. Hudson cannot resist the woman who sets his body alight but needs to convince her they have a future. Even though she doesn’t see one for herself. When the evil I-Do has been hunting finds them, can they and their love survive?

Overseers Fierce Mate is the steamy second novel in the Vampire Guardians Noble paranormal romance series.

If you like booty call to forever romance, hot heroes, and iron-willed heroines, you’ll love Sammi Mason’s spicy tale. Grab your copy of Overseer’s Fierce Mate to find a love worth risking everything for.

My Review

We begin this book in the past with I-do. I-Do has a unique name but is also taught about the EA. She is entering a very steamy club looking to let off a bit of heat herself, but she didn’t expect to run into Hudson. Holy hell, the author starts this book with sizzling debauchery.

Present-day I-Do is a badass vampire/ palace cat shifter with an attitude as she is Beta to EA Team Noble. I love that Hudson knows, and I think I-Do also does, but she isn’t responding yet. I like how caring Hudson is; he has some great character traits. She is highly independent and not needing a man for any reason. It takes one hell of a man to put up with I-Do.

The story includes moments of them getting closer but it is a slow burn. The oddity in this book leads Hudson to fantasy land, and while this feels and reads like falling thru the rabbit hole. This new place is eerie and mysterious.

This book should have a trigger warning; the stuff Hudson has been thru is tragic and well enough described. I’m quite surprised by the twists in the story. The relationship didn’t at all go the way I thought it would. But, omg I would love to read Zinnia’s story.

This book ends surprisingly well with how damaged both characters are by their past. I love reading these as the author does a great job making the story interesting and entertaining.

If you would like to read Overseer’s Fierce Mate By Sammi Mason, you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Assocaite, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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