The Fake Out (Philadelphia Bulldogs Book 5) by Danica Flynn

Rating: 4 out of 5.


I thought Veronica was the hook-up I needed to get over my ex. She made it clear she’d call me never. Until I walked into her tattoo parlor and she was slanting her mouth onto mine.

She wanted me to pretend to be her boyfriend in a petty attempt to get back at her ex. But that was hard to remember, when I couldn’t stop thinking about how good her mouth felt on mine.


I never thought I’d run into Blaise Holmstrom again. I knew he was from Philly, but I thought he played for Toronto.

When my brother hired my ex to help out our struggling tattoo shop, it must be the work of the hockey gods, because who walked in? My hook-up from the summer.

Somehow I’ve convinced Blaise to be my pretend boyfriend to make my ex see that I’m perfectly fine without him. I don’t do relationships anymore, but I’m starting to forget this was all an elaborate ruse.

The Philadelphia Bulldogs hockey team are back, in this all new-standalone novel. Books can be enjoyed in any order. If fake dating is your catnip, this is the book for you.

My Review

Veronica and Blaise’s story so about finding yourself after your heart is broken. They make some interesting choices that lead to a fake relationship, second chances, and true love. This book is very steamy as the author explores a little kink and many bedroom scenes. This couple couldn’t keep their hands off each other. However, just as I’m expecting something to happen one way or the other, the story turns sappy. Still, it ended really sweetly with a lead into what the next book will be about. I like that with every book in this series Danica Flynn explored new tropes to add to her romance stories. I truly enjoyed the sport’s camaraderie in this book; the team feels like a family as you read these interconnected stand-alone stories. 

Blaise is a down-and-out hockey player who has just turned his life upside down by a bad season and an awful breakup. He seems to be grumpy. 

Veronica is a tattooed, foul-mouthed woman who seems to be on strong of bad dates. She isn’t necessarily a hockey fan but like the hockey hangout. 

This book gets steamy fast as they both lose their inhibitions and go for a one-night stand. We can get both perspectives in the middle of the steamy scene. They are both rebounding and not looking for anything serious. I love that she is an artist who works at a tattoo shop.

So I didn’t expect this to go from a casual to a fake relationship to spite the ex. But damn, if it isn’t satisfying to watch this woman be a witch. I think Blaise was surprised to find out about this. This book gives a little taste of the small world in the big city with interconnected relationships. 

Blaise has some major daddy issues to work thru, and Veronica seems to have commitment issues. I can’t blame them, as they both went thru complicated relationships. They also seem to both catch feelings, but neither is willing to risk their heart again. The author missed the emotional connection in some parts of the story; she kept even the most tragic parts light and page-turning. I would have liked to connect to Veronica more, and even though we had her pov, the scenes were too quick to feel the connection. 

This story is cliche and predictable. However, I like the author’s little spin on the well-used fake relationship and second-chance romance tropes. Blaise and Veronica are complete opposites, but damn, their steamy scenes are hot. Also, when they’re happy, you can tell as you speed read thru the next part till they return to a bedroom because that is the scene I remember the most from the entire story.

I enjoy that book has more team camaraderie, with all the guys being brothers and talking and jabbing at each other about everything. About the time of the heartbroken part, this book takes a turn and becomes sappy, but it still has a great ending to a very steamy story. 

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