Vampire King by Rowan Hart

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Only the desperate make deals with the powerful vampires who rule this city. But I’m all out of options.

Ambrose d’Vil is power and sin personified. His savage kingdom is filled with blood and violence. And he’s my last hope.

Only Ambrose can save my best friend’s life. But the vampire king demands a high price.

I’m his for the next three months. In a single moment my boring human life vanishes. He draws me into his dark and secret world of vampire lords, wicked delights, and blood magic.

He demands my blood, my obedience, and my passion. But he’ll never have my heart, no matter the games he plays.

If I want out, I’m given an impossible choice: Lose my best friend or lose my soul.

My Review

Eloise is looking for her best friend, Deidre, who has been asking questions in an area of town even though the cops don’t poke around there. She has gone missing. The paranormal is known by the way she talks about them. She isn’t from “The Barrows” but speaks and thinks with lots of information on this subject and its supposed vampire leader Ambrose. However, her decision-making is gonna get her in trouble.

Ambrose’s underground is dark and gritty. She strikes a bargain with the devil himself for her friend. He seems to be a total stalker on her after the deal, and even maybe her blood sings to him not sure, but it seems like it. He is creepy. This book gets steamy and matures as they fight attraction, lust, and more. Hot and cold seem to be their mo as the king fights himself. I love the angst between them and the dominant interactions.

He does confirm what I was thinking, and I have no idea what his demented self will do now. We finally get some semblance of a steamy scene as Ambroses’ control snaps. That was mostly a slow burn with a gritty, angsty rollercoaster. I love that he will burn the world for her, but it also is a little dark. He is definitely grumpy with her sunshine. So I like the direction this goes; not only do we get answers and a conclusion to the initial issues, but we also get a bit of dark romance.

Eloise is more than just a curvy, sassy heroine and becomes a genuine part of the Vampire Kings’ life. I love her acceptance of him and herself and her ability to see a softer man. He is still rough with her but loving as well. The epilogue of this book is fantastic and very steamy. I will admit there are some gruesome moments in this story, which tend toward a paranormal mafia romance with dark themes. But I liked the overall plot and the characters. This book is part of a series, but I won’t be reading any further.

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