Sons Of Vlad Series by Samantha Snow

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I am going to be honest, I didn’t read the entire series. I read the first 3 books and stopped, seeing as this series is 48 books. I figured I would review the ones I have read. I’m titling this article by the series name as each book has a different name, and of course, it isn’t the same as the series name; however, those titles are below. I did give the same rating to all the books, 4 stars. I did enjoy the maturing of the main character and the growth of her magic throughout the series. The books aren’t lengthy read and are precise in what is covered.

House Of Vampires (The Sons Of Vlad Series Book 1)

“One minute she was flipping burgers, the next minute she was living in a mansion with 4 handsome vampires who all wanted to be the father of her child…”

When her grandmother passed away, 19 year old Lorena Quinn was left a small fortune in her will. Along with a further surprise.

Upon accepting the inheritance, Lorena learned that she was central to a prophecy. A prophecy that forecast the end of the world and Lorena was the only one who could save it.

For this to happen, Lorena would have to have a child with one of the four sons of Vlad. Commonly known as vampires.

Now she has to choose which of the four eligible vampire bachelors will be the father of her child.

However, before she makes her choice, she must first live with them.

All of them, at the same time…

House Of Vampires 2: The Twist 

When Lorena Quinn went to live in the house of vampires she really did not know what to expect. With 4 vampires fighting for her love she knew that it was not always going to be easy.

And things took an interesting twist when Wei made a move on Lorena which caused Dmitri to fly into a jealous rage.

A rage so intense that it left Lorena wondering if she really had to fulfill the prophecy in this way, or perhaps there was another way out..

House Of Vampires 3: The Choice 

The time for Lorena to decide who to choose was fast approaching. However, with one of the original candidates deceased, Vlad decided to take matters into his own hands.

In more ways than one…

My Review

House Of Vampires (The Sons Of Vlad Series Book 1)

Lorena has just lost her absentee grandma and has inherited her house and her money with stipulations. Diving into her late grandmother’s things unveils more than she expected, especially as she meets members of her coven. They talk of prophecy, magic, and what could be. 

This book gets strange as occurrences and unexplainable events happen. I like Lorena’s modern-day ideas, but she may be outnumbered in this, especially with three hot vampires. Lorena is very human, fragile and tempered, sassy and stubborn. She might be more than just human, but she is very new to the paranormal world.

The sons of Vlad, Wei, Mr. grumpy pants, Dmitri, and Alan. We get more info on Alan and his historical past and present-day life. I like how the author incorporates ancient mythology with the current day. 

This book gets more interesting as she happens upon a cult, wizards, and the missing son of Vlad. However, her new piers are pretty cool, and I am still intrigued by the plot. I’m dying to know who she chooses. But the book ends on a cliffhanger.  

Looking at the series, this was a great introduction, but I am curious as to where it will go; by no means am I planning on reading the entire series, as it is long. 

House Of Vampires 2: The Twist 

We join Lorena in this book back at the House of vampires, where she must choose a suitor to fulfill the prophecy. She is a witch amongst Vampires. The four sons of Vlad want her to pick them Alan, the flamboyant unknown man with angelic looks; Dmitri, the moody artist; Zane, the new member of the group and Wei, the martial arts expert as fascinating as he is deadly. 

She has a very realistic dream. However, her wake-up is very hot; it seems Wei needs to be on the same page as she is, at least not yet. Lorena’s life gets stranger and stranger with realistic dreams, a ghost car, and a broody vampire she seems to care for that fights his feelings. 

I appreciate Lorena’s heroine attitude, but she does tend to get herself in trouble. Zane turns swoony as Wei gets dismissed, and I can’t keep up with the day’s flavor and who she ultimately picks. However, Zane’s truth is a little harder to bear. 

This story gets more fantasy-based than paranormal again, and just as it ends, it gets action-packed but in a different landscape. Lorena is pretty awesome as far as heroines go, but this still didn’t solve the who she chose and prophecy; in fact, we aren’t any closer than we were at the end of the last book. 

I’m interested enough to read the next book, but I’m not in love with this story. It is just too long of a series for me to read, and if each book keeps not solving anything, I would instead read a book I get a resolution in. 

House Of Vampires 3: The Choice 

Although there are 48 books in this series, they read pretty quickly, so they aren’t lengthy novels but end on cliffhangers. 

We begin this 3rd book with Lorena. She feels very bad for herself as she has just discovered Wei’s death. Her family’s renounce doesn’t go as planned in light of her recent tragedy. 

This book is Avery is my adventure into the I know and becomes more fantasy based as it delves into spirits that can only be imagined. I admire Lorena’s strength and heart. Once Vlad, the Impaler, gets involved, this book takes an intriguing turn. 

Wow, this book was so good, but of course, I find a spelling oops in the middle of an action scene. You can figure out the correct word if you read that sentence a few times. I don’t mind the quips and chatter between the witches, and I love how sassy they are.  

Lorena is a sassy kick-butt heroine, but the author resolves one issue finally, not that the act was committed or described; at least we know the choice or choices. Then the author jumps to Vlads pov and goes down a side track for a chapter ending with an oddity. I’m still determining where she plans to your this in the next book, but I’m done reading this. 

I can find a better vampire romance that isn’t so riddled with nonsense. I did love that these are short reads for as many books as there are in this series but seeing as we are focusing on different things in every book. I lost interest very quickly. After reading the blurb for the 4th book and seeing it leads to yet another adventure off-topic, I decided to not read any further.

If you want to read The Sons of Vlad Series, you can find it on Amazon. Each of the books is available separately, but you can also get them in a set as well. As an Amazon Assocaite, I earn on qualifying purchases.

If you like this series or have read it and are looking for your next read, you may enjoy books with these tags and categories Witch, Vampire, and Heroine.


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