Bad Prince by Lilian Monroe

Rating: 4 out of 5.

What if Cinderella went to the ball…and got pregnant?

The invitation is meant for someone else.
The dress is borrowed.
The clock is ticking.

What Elle should do is sneak right back out of the Royal Ball and make her way home.

Unfortunately, what she does is sneak into the castle.

A chance encounter leads her right into the Crown Prince’s arms…
…and things heat up, fast.

But when the clock strikes midnight, Elle remembers her curfew—one that, if broken, will get her kicked off the rowing team for good. No team, no scholarship, no future.

So, she runs.

The problem?

Prince Charlie isn’t done with Elle.
Not for a minute.
Not even when he finds out she’s carrying his heir.

My Review

Elle shares a house with her best friend, an athlete on the college rowing team. She is a scholarship kid who works hard to keep her free ride. She is different from the high-class girls at her school, and they don’t spare a moment to put her in her place. They also seem to swoon about a confident Prince Charles.

Charlie, or Prince Charles, is a tattooed bad boy. He has life goals of doing what he wants when he wants. He didn’t want to do his heir duty and settle down with children. 

Oh, an invite to take her bestie’s place at the ball; how can she resist? The ball complicates things as she has a tryst with a certain prince, and this book becomes Cinderella-like with the following actions. But a lot steamier than the usual telling of that story. I like the swoony gestures and the self-doubting average woman. I even like that the bad boy prince is learning about himself as they enjoy this torrid experience. However, life is more challenging for them. 

She ain’t wrong in her thoughts about being royally f****d. They really are opposites. This will change many things, and I am still determining what will happen to them. I’m not too fond of his decision, which is very emotional. Finally, we get the happily ever after part of this story, and the ending is perfect.

if you want to read Bad Prince by Lillian Monroe, you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Assocaite, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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