Dirty Devil by Melissa Ivers

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Pretending to be a hot hockey player’s girlfriend shouldn’t be a problem.

Except when that player is my brother’s teammate, Foster Craig, with the body of a god and a British accent that melts the panties straight off my lady bits. Did I mention that I might have a teeny crush on him?

But after a picture of an accidental kiss goes viral, he makes an offer I’d be hard pressed to refuse. A few dates in exchange for a lot of money. It seems harmless enough. And besides, I have a dead car, a baby to take care of, and a romance novel to write.

I just have to remember–No. More. Hockey. Players. Especially one who scores more off the ice than on.

Even if he comes to my rescue after my car breaks down. Or attempts to make me a cake for my birthday. Or dances with my two month old son when he thinks I’m not watching. I’m trying to resist him, but when he offers to help me test out “positions” for the novel I’m writing, things get a little… complicated. (And I’m not just talking about the Reverse Wheel Barrow with a Corkscrew Twist.)

And I find myself breaking my rules one by one

If I take my heart out of the penalty box, am I going to end up being checked by yet another player?

Dirty Devil is a laugh out loud, steamy, fake relationship, single mom, reformed playboy sports romance featuring a British hockey player with a fancy peen and his teammates little sister with an addition to spicy books. This book is a full-length standalone with no cheating, cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

My Review

The blurb of this book caught my interest, and I couldn’t resist jumping into this read. I appreciate the author’s warning about possible triggers. 

Foster is a semi-famous hockey player for the Nashville Devils. The costume is something else, but his male ego is also quite significant. I like his softer side when he rescues a teammate’s sister in need. 

Avery is a single mom with the worst luck. She is also an aspiring author who wants to make her mark on the literary world. At least she admits Foster is off limits primarily for his playboy ways. Her imagination and thoughts seem to run away with her, and she can’t be held responsible for the things that come out of her mouth, but it sure does give this story a little more zest. 

This book has a forbidden love vibe with how the characters stop themselves from going on their rabbit trails in the thought of each other and what could be. Also, because of who they are to each other. But a moment without thought now puts them both in a position. How they will fix this. 

I like the dual pov and the little bit of angst and drama the author includes in this story. The trigger warning things are discussed in the book but are not detailed. It didn’t need a warning from the author. One wrong decision leads to another, and now there is a fake relationship with the one person they weren’t supposed to be entertaining thoughts about. Foster is definitely out of his mind, and Avery is one heck of a woman, but she does have some self-esteem issues. I love the possessive Alpha male behavior and the debauchery this woman imagines. 

The author isn’t shy about the real-life woes of having an infant, and although I find this comical now, I’m sure not everyone would. This book gets steamy as they blur the lines, but I love the author’s vivid descriptions. The worst is brought up and could trigger some, but it was discussed gently. Avery and Foster are damaged from their childhoods, but they both avoid the pain differently. The steamy scenes in this story are sizzling. I love that they fight so hard to not succumb to love. 

Her past complicates things just as it is getting good, and I love Fosters’ touch-her-and-die alpha male attitude. She may not be his yet, but the relationship seems more real than fake. However, he truly messes up big time, and of course, a grand gesture at the end leads to their HEA. 

You should read more of this series if you love the characters and the hockey team family mentioned in this book. This could be read as a stand-alone. This story has some great sizzling scenes, tropes, and charismatic moments. I truly enjoyed this sports romance and the storyline in the book. All the bookish references really spoke to my book-loving heart. 

If you want to read Dirty Devil by Melissa Ivers, you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Assocaite, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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