Running Back to You (Ida Romance Series Book 4) by Bethany Monaco Smith

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Stephanie Hawley is my greatest weakness.

The red-haired hellion who both infuriates me and lights me on fire.

She’s also my wife.

One alcohol-fueled night in Vegas, we made a commitment, one she wasn’t ready for.

Nothing like a marriage to destroy a relationship.

Yet, I can’t quit her. Despite being broken up, whenever she knocks on my door, I let her in without question.

But when she shows up looking for something else entirely—a date to her sister’s wedding—I take a chance. I’ll be her date, if she’ll be my wife—for real this time.

Now we’re living in the same house, going home to her chaotic family, and trying to put the pieces of our relationship back together again.

With everything on the line, I’m starting to wonder if we can rise above the pain of our tortured pasts or if our heartache will tear us apart for good.

Can Mike and Steph learn to open their hearts and trust each other or will their relationship end up another painful memory? Find out in their steamy, emotional, second chance small-town romance.

Running Back to You is full of fiery, passionate moments. Recommended for readers aged 18+

My Review

These story chapters are dated to help readers follow along on the journey. We begin the book in the past with Steph and Mike. The present-day things are more complicated for Steph. Their relationship is a cluster of miscommunication and no compromise.  

Steph has some past issues, and even though she is a fighter, it still affects her future. Mike is patient and genuinely in love with her. I love that we get her back to history little by little with the toxic as she goes home for a visit with Mike. They also have more moments, but it makes more sense.

The steamy scenes are slightly detailed in this romance. Wow, this gets deep, but they make wise choices. I didn’t precisely expect those outcomes, but I love that is where this leads. The characters in this book deal with some weighty subjects that could trigger some. The author does it encouragingly, but it is still quite emotional.

The author makes this less of a fairy tale romance and more of a practical affair, something you could see happening to real people with complicated, messy lives. This book ends amazingly with inspirational reflection, and I love the playlist at the end as if you need more emotional stimulation. I have thoroughly enjoyed the contemporary romance by Bethany Monaco Smith; they are each a bit different but very practical and natural. She brings in your emotions and touches on subjects, morals, and life lessons in her books.

You can find this book on Amazon if you want to read Running Back to You by Bethany Monaco Smith. As an Amazon Assocaite, I earn on qualifying purchases. This book is part of the Ida Romance Series and can be read as a standalone.

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