Havenfall Harbor by Albany Walker

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Havenfall Harbor Book One by Albany Walker

Welcome to Havenfall Harbor, home for wayward and orphaned supernaturals. Where not just the students bite.

Landing my dream job at Havenfall Harbor fresh out of college should be a dream come true.

Finding myself drawn to two men–one of which I’m not sure I even like–is keeping me on my toes.

Throw in some pranks designed to get me to resign my positions as the first human liaison at the all supernatural academy, and things are getting down right complicated.

I hope I can survive the first semester.

Quinn Shaw was supposed to be a means to an end.

None of us could have expected what her presence would unfold.

She shouldn’t be here, but now that she is we can’t allow her to leave.

Told in alternating point of views this paranormal Ménage MFM romance puts an adult spin on an academy story.

Havenfall Harbor Book Two by Albany Walker

Havenfall was never just a job to me, and that was before I knew I was mated to two powerful supernaturals. I’m settling into my new life, but our problems haven’t disappeared with my acceptance. In fact, they may be far bigger than we ever imagined.

Classes are in session, but something is wrong within the walls of the school. Kids have gone missing, and it seems a trusted member of the staff may be behind the troubles plaguing the academy.

Welcome to Havenfall Harbor, home for wayward and orphaned supernaturals, where more than just the students bite.

My Review

Havenfall Harbor Book One by Albany Walker

This story is an adult romance with multiple mates, a little drama, and paranormal characters in an academy setting. I love that this is a new spin on an academic story with adults as the main characters. I’m even more intrigued by the human mc and the multiple mates. I absolutely love that author included new paranormal species (at least for me) and some of the ones we know and love. This book has a love triangle theme and some interspecies mating, but it doesn’t get super steamy immediately; it is a slow burn. I liked that the cliffhanger is more relational than thrilling, and I can’t wait to see how it all works out.

Quinn is starting her new life at Havenfall Harbor Academy for the supernatural. Her first day doesn’t go quite as expected. She just accepted a position as a human liaison. She seems to have situations that don’t go as expected and catches the attention of the vampires, specifically Griffin and Noah, and it seems Evan too. I find it fascinating to guess and then figure out what paranormal each character is.

There is a love triangle going on between the main characters. The alpha males and best friends have their eyes on the human lady. I do admire the backbone that Quinn has. However, after it, I admire how the men seem to play good cop and bad cop with Quinn in the middle. Both Evan and Griffin are so completely different in both personalities and perspectives. I love that Quinn isn’t perfect; she has an attitude, fears, self-conscious thoughts, and a pure heart. Griffin comes across as quite an age gap and billionaire-ish. Evan, on the other hand, is all Alpha male.

This story does get a little steamy as they navigate this multi-mate relationship. I love how protective they are and how clueless Quinn is. The author involves a little drama with some danger and unexpected surprises. But the book ends on a relational cliffhanger as we await the details of their future. Not that we couldn’t figure it out, but I want the facts and steamy scenes in the next book.

Havenfall Harbor Book Two by Albany Walker

This book begins with whether the Havenfall Harbor Book 1 left off; they are still relationally in unknown territory, and Quinn is still trying to understand the paranormal world around her. This book is a little steamier than the first one.  

I like that the males make mistakes as well. They aren’t on purpose, but they treat her like a queen. The inner issues arise in the academy and give us a storyline besides mating and steamy MFM scenes. This story is adult in nature, including drugs and steamy scenes.

I love that Quinn is very much human, and I love that men work to find the issues and make them safe for her. A lot has changed for them all since the beginning of the academy story, and things have progressed as expected. The story ending is sweet and very much swoon for you to enjoy. 

I really enjoyed this adult academy paranormal romance. I love the human mate story and interspecies mating in the story. Having multiple partners and fated mates was exciting and caused a little relational drama. Still, the author also included outside issues as well. Overall the book was a sweet, swoony, and sometimes steamy paranormal romance read.

If you want to read Havenfall Harbor Book One by Albany Walker or Havenfall Harbor Book Two by Albany Walker, you can find these books on Amazon. This is a duet, and they must be read in order. You can view the Havenfall Series on Amazon.

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