Twisted Bonds by Jade Ember

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Meeting my werewolf mate at a ball in the moonlight sounds like a fairy tale, but for me, it was a nightmare.

One night changed my life, and now I’m going to change it back again. Nothing is going to stand in my way: not my mate, my family, and not even the handsome stranger whose life seems to be tied to mine in ways that I don’t fully understand.

Sometimes, bonds are made to be broken.

My Review

This paranormal romance didn’t go as expected for the characters. The author embraces some dark themes but writes a fantastic story about second chances, a brave heroine and hero, and a thrilling adventure with demons and royalty. This story, conceived by an indie author, embraces disability, true love, and much more. I love that the main characters both were damaged in their way and found strength in each other. I enjoyed the story’s darker aspects, including the demonic deals and corrupt practices. The story itself is about second chances and has a little fantasy interwoven into the paranormal. This was a genuinely inspiring, remarkable read, and I’m so glad an author friend told me to read it.

Bree is tortured by the pain of her fated mate bond. We backtrack with her as she remembers the night it all began. She finds her mate Dalton, but he isn’t the kind man who saves her. Her life goes differently than expected.

Drew is friends with the king. He is a smart security officer of the king, but he doesn’t like flying. He has a prosthetic hand and legs. He is in the king’s party in the southernmost part of the kingdom. But he still thinks about Bree from time to time.

Unexpected meetings happen at this party and Drew runs into Bree, who is trying to escape. I don’t understand why she accepted this awful mate, especially since his wolf seems to be in control. I love that they feel impending doom now and then.

Drew is resourceful for being a mostly metal wolf. Oh, her confession makes sense in werewolf lore. It explains a lot, but wow is shocking at the same time. Their escape is very action-packed, edge-of-your-seat page-turning. I love the adrenaline rush the author provides in the story and the strong, protective, caring male. I didn’t see that coming as the book goes from suspense to truth and contracts with other paranormals.

This book twists from one reality to another as the plot gets sidetracked. Wow, it deals with the demon; that was curiously interesting. I love that the author emphasizes that love is blind; in this case, the prosthesis and how you feel about it don’t determine how your partner will. I like the steamy scenes showing he is capable of normal mating. There is one tame steamy scene, and their predicament makes sense again. This book has an extended ending, but I love how the author wrapped everything up.

If you want to read Twisted Bonds by Jade Ember, you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Assocaite, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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