My Totally Elfed Christmas by Audrey Furnas

Rating: 3 out of 5.

When Christmas is in jeopardy, it isn’t the packages she needs. It’s the delivery boy.

Adia Bell’s family doesn’t just want to buck tradition. They plan to chuck it out altogether. This is a problem since Adia has had a rough first semester at Avery University, and she’s expecting homemade pie and Christmas preparations to fix everything.

Miller is a UPS package handler who hopes the season will be over soon. He wants to keep a low profile and avoid notice. But when his merry new co-worker Adia befriends him, he finds it harder and harder to avoid holiday-related things. Will Adia and Miller find in each other a way to redeem Christmas, or will a short-term attraction only serve to derail both of their futures?

My Totally Elfed Christmas is the first in a contemporary holiday romance series by Audrey Furnas. It is unpredictable, laugh-out-loud funny, and perfect for anyone who could be accused of having an addiction to the holiday season. Curl up with a cup of cocoa and this first love Christmas romance today.

My Review

This book is very new adult and does contain some semblances of holiday romance, but that is not what this story is truly about. This isn’t the Christmas romance I thought it was; instead, it is a chaotic, life-altering story about a college student and her not-so-happy Christmas. It is written entirely from Adia’s perspective, and she is enthusiastic and peppy about the holiday and pretty much everything in her life. We read as her life gets crazy, she meets a boy, they fall in love, and of course, discovers her family falls apart around her. Still, she eventually figured out how to fix that, but she doesn’t keep the boy that becomes her first love. Yeah, this book takes place thru the holidays. It has some of the vibes amid the emotional and sometimes eccentric moments. Still, it isn’t the hallmark holiday romance I was hoping for with the swoony men and Christmas cheer. I admit the cover of this book is eye-catching, but the story was so very young it was difficult to relate to, and I read a lot of new adult books.

Adia is a college student desperate to make it home for the holidays; she is funny, with the banter and commentary running as she goes about her trials. This book is mostly from her pov.

That was quite the experience and maybe something she will laugh at years later. With the surprises, all her traditions have changed as well, and coming home; this isn’t what she expected.
Okay, she might be a little bit of a spoiled brat drama queen, making this book a little less enjoyable. But we shall see where this goes.

She develops a strange relationship with the UPS man. Her life is in shambles, yet she is filled with holiday spirit. Miller is very eccentric, even a little odd, but his crazy seems to mesh with her exuberance.

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