Once Upon A Royal Christmas by Teri Wilson

Rating: 5 out of 5.

She pretends to be a princess at children’s parties.
But can she melt a real prince’s frosty heart?
Get swept away by a Christmas story from Hallmark
and bestselling author Teri Wilson—
the queen of royal romance!

“I’m Prince Nikolas of San Glacera. Oh, you’ve never heard of us? Well, you’re not the only one. Our country relies on winter tourism, but we’re attracting fewer and fewer visitors. I admit it’s a problem. I just don’t think the solution is an American who likes to play dress-up.

You see, while I was away on a trip, my younger sister convinced the palace to hold a contest. The winner gets to star in our annual Ice Village festivities and accompany our royal family to holiday events.

And who did they choose? Gracie Clark, who runs a children’s party business and performs as—I kid you not—‘Princess Snowflake.’

Of course, I do respect the fact that she volunteers at children’s hospitals. I suppose to some, she might have a certain charm… But the whole cheap spectacle is beneath our dignity.

I’m not going to shirk my duty to my kingdom. I’ll go to every event with her. At least, once Christmas is over, she’ll be gone…”

My Review

This holiday romance reads like a true fairy tale story with a prince, a princess, and a faraway land; add in the winter vibes and the holiday charm, and you might just be swooning for San Glacera while reading this. I love the forced proximity, the grumpy/sunshine, and the overall vibe of this story, and I can’t wait to find out what happens with Gracie and Nick. They have some bumpy moments and some swoony, emotional ones, but this story ends with a sweet and special treat. This story was heartwarming and had everything I was looking for in a holiday romance this year.

Gracie Clark is a businesswoman who has started a company that allows. She wants a loan to expand her business and empower young women. She dresses up as a princess for events. After being turned down yet to a fan, her roommate has an adventurous idea about entering a real royal contest.

The author has some great chapter titles in this book, and they definitely make me smile. Nicholas is the Crown Prince of San Glacera and takes his royal duties literally, even showing support through outdoor events; he can be grumpy. He doesn’t get the best press. He isn’t thrilled with breathing life into their Christmas market and other holiday traditions. Still, even he is enraptured by Princess Snowflake.

She isn’t very graceful and definitely seems to have a fear of singing in public. I love that she accepted the challenge, and I can’t wait to see what happens next. This book captures my attention with its whimsical holiday descriptions and wintery vibes.

A little outing, a sweet treat, and a bit of honesty leave Grace floating in the cloud of the Christmas Market. A little misunderstanding leaves them both dreamy this could end in spectacular disaster. Oh well, that doesn’t go quite as planned; things get a little frosty, to say the least. Darn, I was hoping for that royal sweep-you-off-your-feet romance. We’ll see what happens in the rest of the book.
Some of their traditions are a little adventurous, but I love the holiday fun and little surprises. I like when things go pear-shaped in this book, but each adjustment inevitably brings Nick and Gracie closer together. It looks like their happily ever after is melting into puddles before it even starts. Yup, the author even got me teary-eyed. I hope someone has a change of heart and believes in this fairy tale romance.

This book ends with a grand public gesture, and I’m left smiling and floating on holiday cheer. I love the extra special surprise at the end of the book. After the epilogue, as if I needed another reason to love this story.

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