The Nephilim’s fate by Eliza Hampstead

Rating: 3 out of 5.

She’s a witch, he’s a Nephilim – and a simple kiss could kill them both.

Alissia spent years longing for a mysterious man who only appeared in her dreams… but when Nate rescues her from a group of supernatural attackers, she makes a shocking discovery. She’s a witch, and he’s a Nephilim – the son of an angel and a human – and love between them is impossible.

Determined to prove the old texts wrong and find a future where they can be together, Alissia wades deeper into a mysterious world where vampires, fae, and demons lurk among humanity. After she discovers a surprising revelation, Alissia believes she’s found the answer. But their passionate love kicks off a wild chain of events that threatens to plunge the secret magical world of London into war.

With sinister magical groups vying for power and old rivalries bubbling to the surface, Nate and his love are quickly dragged into a conflict that will shape the destiny of their world forever. Nate knows that he’s fated to be with her – but is he prepared to risk everything to stay with his witch?

My Review

Overall I enjoyed this story; the action, the drama, and the general storyline were intriguing. I liked the girl who is dropped into the paranormal world and has to find out about herself and the why behind her forbidden instalove. I love Nate’s character and the whole brotherhood of Nephilim. I found it intriguing and different, especially in a big city. The forbidden love, dreams, and connections were exciting, and I liked how the story progressed. I might have taken it differently than the author did and not added the fantasy aspects, but it was a good read. The challenges for this couple were enough to start with; we didn’t need the additional issues. I love Alissia and Nate and their challenges as a hybrid and interspecies couple.

Alissia has vivid dreams about a man she has never met. He has a bad-boy vibe and a protective embrace. She doesn’t fully trust her instinct with men or places or herself. Her best friend Charlie likes to find youtube, and she gets dragged along to the fun. Leave it to her to get in trouble in a London club and run to the man of her dreams.

Nate is a mystery; she can’t wait to unwrap him, but he seems to know more than she does. The author used some rather large words in the descriptions. There is a weird reality where she dreams in her head and his. They seem to share the same subconscious ideas. The dreams are erotic, but what’s the point of them? 

Her introduction to the paranormal world she doesn’t know about fully is fast. This book is super steamy as Nate and Alissa connect like a couple who have known each other for years. They sure are tempting themselves with forbidden love every time they interact. 

The author is very creative in this book with the forbidden love and mating and the interspecies mating but also with things like auras and supernatural powers mixing. This story is instalove, and I have a few questions about what the consequences are for their love. When will the fated mates be brought up? And why is only the Nephilim safe house attacked? 

I have noticed some minor spelling oopsy in the story, but it tells if they are different English or spelling mistakes. Oh, I wasn’t expecting that, and I love that there is a consequence for their actions. However, is it a blessing or a curse? 

This book gets more fantasy-based as we have left Earth altogether. This book becomes less about them and more about the existential life they have created and their decision. This book ends action-packed but left on a cliffhanger with the decision to be made and the effects it would have. 

I was super into this story when it focused on Allisia and Nate and their relationship, forbidden romance, and the steamy scene; however, when it turned to future prophecy, inter-species wars, and fantasy, I didn’t care about the story anymore. This book was well written if you like a story that takes an unexpected turn and focuses on that more than the original storyline. I honestly think the author could have just stuck with their relationship and not added in the supernatural pregnancy, and the story probably would have held more interest for me. 

If you want to read The Nephilim’s Fate by Eliza Hampstead, you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Assocaite, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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