Reclaim: Cedar Valley Bears by Cassie Laelyn

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Cedar Valley Bears.

Murder. Redemption. A love worth dying for.

When Kali Preston discovers her brother’s death wasn’t an accident, she resorts to desperate measures for help. Mainly, Brax Archer. The infuriatingly sexy, tattooed alpha of Cedar Valley bears. He’s also the guy who tore out her heart and smashed it to pieces. But with a blood-thirsty killer targeting her family, evading Brax’s sinful grin isn’t her only danger.

Now, she must summon the strength to protect their pack before the hunter strikes again.

But what if those she loves are her biggest threat?

Fall in love with small towns, swoony shifters, and unbreakable bonds in these interconnected paranormal romances. These bad boys are packed with steamy romancey goodness and a swoony HEA!! Each story is a standalone paranormal romance with a guaranteed HEA (absolutely NO cliffhangers!!).

My Review

This book begins uniquely with Kali confronting her past for answers and getting help with the latest surprise text she received. This is a little mystery as to who it is and why. However, you get pretty sidetracked by the angsty, swoony bear shifters and the brothers’ best friend-to-lovers romance between Brax and Kali. The author brings you back to why the story began, and things get action-packed. Kali is a fantastic heroine, strong, stubborn and loving. Brax needs to stop with the self-blame, but he finally makes an intelligent choice after many bad ones. I like how this book ends; it was a great paranormal romance. As for the seasonal vibes in the story, I wasn’t feeling it.

Kali has a nasty history with Brax Archer, the bear shifter and alpha of them and the guy who broke her heart. They have some insane and damaging history, but she seems to put that aside to figure out what happened to her brother. Still, she knows she must suck it up for her safety and to get answers.

I like we get Brax pov as well. Brax is all sorts of angsty . Their past has some heartbreak, mystery, and family ties that could wreck their world. But this couple succumbs to their desires, and this gets steamy. I like how swoony he can be, but his communication skills stink as well as the self-blame. I love Kali; she is a feisty, stubborn, and hard-headed woman. I love the fated mates in this story and even between when it turns swoony. I even love that he finally gets his head on straight, and the epilogue of this book is a perfect ending to this angsty story.

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