PSL: A Fae Court Romance (Holidays of Love) by Ellen Mint

Rating: 3 out of 5.

One hot lumberjack, a rustic cabin in the woods, whipped cream and lattes, princes, magic, and fairy wings. This is not the vacation I wanted, but it might be the one I need.

After a broken heart, I had to get away from the city. Escaping to a cabin in the woods deep into autumn sounded perfect. Peace. Solitude. Just me, my books, and my coffee fix. Next thing I know a gorgeous man chainsawing downed trees is sweeping me off my feet.

Literally, as it turns out he’s a fairy. Not just any fairy either. No, he’s a freaking Prince in exile.

Now I’m trapped in the kingdom of the autumn fairies while assassins lurk in every shadow. Every day Scott, who rose to fill in for the ill King, slips further from me. Time is ticking and soon I’ll have to return home. The question is will the once-disgraced Prince, sweet as caramel and sinful as cinnamon, come with me.

There are few regrets I wear harder in my heart than what led me to abandon my throne, my people, my kingdom. When I was banished to the human realm, I thought to live out my days protecting the forests. That changed the day this breathtaking human in leggings approached me.

In her, I found that which I thought was lost forever, home. It doesn’t hurt that she’s got a body worthy of worship either.

I never anticipated a return to my kingdom, much less dragging a human with me. Now, I have an opportunity to regain everything I lost. But, after all this time I find myself wondering if being king of the autumn fairies is what I truly want or if my heart aches for another.

My Review

Jump into this autumn paranormal romance story and get all the seasonal vibes with a hot lumberjack, a noisy neighbor, and a paranormal fantasy romance. This story isn’t what I expected, but it was an interesting read. This story is very fairytale-like, with the two characters, two different worlds, and general themes in the story. I like that the author includes so much seasonal detail and a story that captures your attention. The jump between paranormal and fantasy wasn’t very graceful, but it made sense in the end. I liked the story’s overall plot and thought the author did an intriguing job connecting the two worlds in which the story takes place. I found the characters inconsistent and the intimate scenes to be choppy. The conversations were touch and go. Some made sense, and some you had to read thru the lines to figure out what the characters were saying. I think the first few words, then thoughts, then a different end for most of the characters talking were challenging to understand and affected the flow of the story.

This story has all the autumn vibes, but I feel like the first start of the story is missing the build-up to the intimate scenes. There just wasn’t enough there to feel the connection with the characters. I felt the surroundings and loved every minute of the autumn vibes described.

Jenny is starting her vacation in the autumn wood cozied up in her favorite oversize sweater and comfy socks, a book, and coffee; what more does a girl need?

She meets a mysterious man in the woods, causing racket that, of course, she must go check out. Scott is sarcastic and hot, and I don’t think she noticed much south of his backside. However, intriguing things make me believe he is paranormal as he speaks.

Their interaction and conversations are very sarcastic but also intense. I think the intimacy in the book so far is very forced and didn’t seem to happen on its own accord. They went from barely meeting to making out. Of course, the conversation has plenty of innuendoes as these neighbors become friends. This book gets steamy but not overly descriptive.

This book takes an unexpected turn as it becomes more fantasy-like. The scenes of this story feel choppy with half sentences and incomplete thoughts. Scott undergoes quite the transformation in this fantasy world, no longer the bumbling human instead, he is a confident prince. Our confident prince becomes a bit more unpoised as the story continues, reverting to his beginning of the story self.

This story has a bit of mystery and a suspenseful vibe as the winter fairy, autumn prince, and estranged brothers come into play. They discover the suspect, which isn’t who I thought I was, but this love story fairytale goes back to the real world. Will love find a way to span the two worlds and bring them together?

This book ends sweet, and it was an exciting ending.

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