Inferno’s Wrath (Hell’s Circle Book 2) by Kelsey M. Wells

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I finally gave into this undeniable pull I have towards Dante, only to have my world come crashing down.

Broken, my fated mate stays by my side.

It’s only a matter of time before our greatest enemy the queen of Hell comes for me. Our love is forced to stand the test of time, his mother.

“Our love is never a weakness. Dante is my strength when I have none to give.”

My Review

This story is fascinating but not for the light-hearted the author writes a twisted tale that could be two different books for all the ups and downs. This paranormal fiction is riddled with action, steamy scenes, and dark themes. I love how badass Rayleen and Mags are; Dante is a heartthrob, and Killian, well, I wish we had more of him in the book. But overall, this paranormal fiction was twisted, imaginative, and unique.

This book begins where the last left off, which was a massive cliffhanger.

Dante has double-crossed Rayleen, siding with his mother Lilith to get what he has always wanted, but she is a heinous witch and stabs him in the chest with a magical spear. How will they get out of this one?

Intriguing a soulmate bond !! Ohh, I want to know more. The first part of this book is action-packed as they are still trying to escape hell. I can’t believe he made that deal; I hate his mother.

This crew battles mythical creatures on and on the way from hell. They also find inappropriate moments to get steamy. Oh, they finally make it back, but I think that deal may come to bite them in the ass. I want to see where this twisted story goes.

The prince of hell acts like a love-sick fool instead of the intelligent-mouthed hero /villain I would expect in this story. We finally get the heroics but with a very twisted ending. I hope there is more in this series for Dante and Rayleen. I love how action-packed this story was, but it did kind of feel like two separate books collaborated into one.

If you want to read Inferno’s Wrath by Kelsey M. Wells you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Assocaite, I earn on qualifying purchases,

This book is part of the Hell’s Circle Series and should be read in order.

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