Mistaken Meanings: (Book 3 of Mismatched Mates)by Melody Tyden

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Luna-to-be Abby has her hands full at the Jade Moon pack. While Oliver and Elijah are helping Alpha Patrick run the pack, Abby has to support her friend as she adjusts to life as a werewolf, deal with family drama at her old pack, and try to win over her new pack as she attempts to carve out her own place there.

Things get even more complicated as word gets out about Liz’s identity and lines are drawn between those who welcome her bloodline’s return, those who don’t, and those who would use it to their own advantage. Old adversaries return with new agendas, and new friends are found in the unlikeliest of places.

When the dust finally settles, can everyone find meaning in the hand they’ve been dealt?

My Review

This book is a continuation of Oliver and Abby and Elijah and Liz. A lot happened in the second book in this series Misguided Motives, and if you haven’t read it, you definitely need to. This book is very similar to others in the series. Still, instead of focusing on new mates, it focuses on the value of the relationships. This story is exciting, eventful, and even brought tears of joy. The author wrote this perfectly to finish up this series. I really enjoyed Abby and Oliver’s continuation and the addition of Eli and Liz. I loved to hate Jerrod and Marissa, but not as much by the end of the book. The story was endearing, and lots of fantastic advice was ingrained in the lines of this book. 

We begin this book with Jerrod, who is in a steamy scene with his mate Marissa. I’m not sure who Jerrod is precisely as I struggle to remember him. Their relationship is more enemies and chosen mates. 

We finally get to Abby’s pov. I love that the book seems to jump to everyone’s pov; granted, I think Eli has the most significant personality change, and I wasn’t expecting it. I love that the author carried the storylines so seamlessly. 

Olah, I wasn’t expecting that out of the left-field; definitely dramatic. Marissa is very spiteful, and between her and Jerrod’s crazy, I’m sure this book will get chaotic for Abby and Oliver. 

Marissa and Jerrod plan an evil plot for Abby and Oliver, and I hope it doesn’t come to fruition. After all the madness, I can’t believe that is the solution; what the heck? I never dreamed this paranormal fiction would solve a problem with that solution. Liz and Eli really do think out of the box. I’m not sure I like this decision. 

This book definitely reinvents a few things with big decisions in the wolf shifter community. Of course, the epilogue of this book leaves me with tears of joy. What is this madness you weave in your stories Melody Tyden? This was a perfect ending to a sweet and exciting wolf shifter series. 

If you would like to read Mistaken Meaning by Melody Tyden you can find this book on Amazon. If you haven’t read the entire Mismatched Mates Series. I highly recommend you do read them in order. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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