Freaking Love Part Three: Forever Love by Bethany Monaco Smith

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“The love we have is bigger than all that. It’s the forever kind of love.”

Everything is an utter wreck.

This isn’t how I saw my life going.

Braden is unconscious with life threatening injuries. As we walk the fluorescent-lit hospital halls and sleep in uncomfortable waiting room chairs, the weight of what we’ve all been through—are going through—hits us hard.

Vince is struggling with guilt over his broken relationship with Braden, and the painful memories this situation brings up about his mother’s death.

Nick and Leigh are trying to navigate a new relationship and pregnancy as Nick deals with regret over the last words he said to Braden, and Leigh continues to battle the anger inside her.

And then there’s me. I spend the hours replaying our last conversation, the hurtful things I said. Those feelings mix with my anger toward him, but also with the memories of what we once were. What I want us to be again.

I need him to wake up. I need him to fight through this so we can fight through this. I need my best friend back. Most of all, I need him to know I still love him—we all still love him. This is the forever kind of love, and we’re not giving up. I just have to hope he won’t give up either.

My Review

This story is a journey thru life, love, and relationships with our group of characters. Maia and Vince will suck you in with idyllic love, Braden is a fighter, and a tragedy changes his life. Nick and Leah have to learn to communicate and find strength in each other. This book starts out in the young adult category and quickly moves into a new adult. Still, these teenagers handle choices that even adults have trouble with. Their lives are messy, chaotic, and full of love and family. This book will leave you teary-eyed. It is full of lessons and conversations that will resonate with your soul. I loved how this ended and the journey thru the chapters. I can’t wait to read more by this author.

This book has a huge emotional impact as this family supports each other thru a very difficult time. Yes, I’m getting teary-eyed in the first few chapters. The story does a great job of outlining that choices you make have consequences sometimes they are just emotional and sometimes they are tragic and physical.

As I’m reading this I’m stuck between how mature and smart the characters are and how immature and irrational their actions have been this story is definitely new adult but mostly because of the adult decisions they have to make and talk thru. I love the five of them together and this book begins to turn around from tragic to more settled as they navigate the changes in their lives. We still get to connect with Nick and Leah, Maia and Vince, and Braden .

The one bad thing about being an arc reader is there is a ton of stuff I want to highlight in this book guess I’ll have to reread the series and enjoy highlighting all the crazy unexpected passages that pull on the heart.  The author does give us an unexpected character for Braden and I’m surprised I’m loving this girl just by the phone conversations but I’m dying to know who she is. Nick and Leah hit a couple of goals and Vince and Maia must be older than they actually are but at the same time, I love that their relationship is progressing to something more. 

This book is amazing and the ending was just perfect I can’t wait to read more by Bethany Monaco Smith. I absolutely love how deep and realistic her characters are every single one is relatable and all the drama brought up is very emotional but also can be true in anyone’s everyday life. 

If you would like to read Freaking Love Part Three by Bethany Monaco Smith. I do recommend you start at the begging of this series to fully understand it. This entire Freaking Love Series can be found on Amazon.

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