The Spell and the Legacy (Cold Lake Pack Book 2) by Melody Tyden

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The curse that separated Alpha brothers Killian and Jaxon has finally been lifted, but new dangers and new enemies are waiting just around the corner.

Ever since the war that led to the curse in the first place, magic has been outlawed amongst wolf packs and witches have been suppressed. Briar has been held captive most of her life, hidden away by a pack that wants to use her family’s abilities to give them an advantage in the next war to come.

Wolf politics and disputes were never much interest to Briar until she finds herself caught up in the conflict in a far more personal way than she ever imagined. Will she find a way to reconcile her hatred of her oppressors with the new feelings she’s having, or will the tides of war sweep away her chance at happiness?

My Review

The second book in the Cold Lake Pack Series brings you more fated mates, strong alphas, and unique characters. This paranormal romance is addicting, and I love Briar and the people we have come to love, like Aurelia, Killian, and Jaxson. Things get twisted and complicated as Jaxson finds his fated mate, but all is not what it seems. This book is cryptic, with little bits of related information coming to light between all the characters, but enough for you to piece together how twisted this story is. This story doesn’t end as expected, but I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.  

This book begins with a new character. Briar is a witch; she and her parents are held captive and made to do spell work for a ruthless Alpha Landon. Briar’s family has a twisted history with her aunt. This gets cryptic and interesting as hints come out about broken spells, united brothers, and plans. I can’t wait to see what happens, and I love Briar. 

Awe, now we get back to Aurelia and Killian from the first book in this series. I love Killian’s sweet nickname for Aurelia, and this book wastes no time getting steamy. Jaxson is there as well, but all is more settled than it was. In this book, we get multiple povs as there are so many characters to keep up with. Jaxson’s hate for witches is understandable after all he and his family have been thru. However, the moon goddess seems to have a sense of humor by pairing him with that fated mate. 

We get our first surprise very quickly in this book, and I’m so excited for Jaxson. Briar has a conscious and caring heart. She is very different than those around her. I love big strong Jaxson befuddled by a woman. Things get complicated as all stuff isn’t as it appears. What will Jaxson do when he learns the truth? 

This book gets steamy finally as these characters find their mate; the bond really ignites their passion for each other. This book gets more complicated as more revelations come to light for the couples. However, the Demigod stuff is so cool I can’t help but be hypnotized by it. This book didn’t end as I expected, and now I must read the next book to get the rest of the story. It didn’t end on a cliffhanger, but it didn’t end quite as expected. 

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