Claimed by Fate: An Alpha Shifter Romance by Amaryllis Lanza

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Ten years ago he told me I was too young for him. Today he told me I belong to him.

I came back to Everlasting Springs to keep a promise to my aunt, not to put up with Paul Arrow’s alpha wolf nonsense, and I told him so. That’s how I ended up over his knee…

If he’s hoping a bright red bottom will make me his obedient little mate, he’s got another thing coming. If he wants me, he’s not just going to have to spank me. He’s going to have to claim me, mark me, and knot me so roughly I’m sore for days, then do it all again as often as it’s needed.

But what scares me isn’t him thinking he’s up for the challenge. It’s me knowing that he is.

My Review

Amalia is returning to Everlasting Springs, Fl. She is returning to this place at the request of her deceased aunt, but it doesn’t seem she is welcome. She runs into Paul; apparently, they have history. The fact that he starts off spanking her is startling; however, she is stubborn, and he seems to be an alpha-hole.

Paul and Amalia have some intriguing confrontations. Amalia is on a mission to uncover why her aunt died and who killed her, but she must also face this town stuck in time. Interestingly, this town traps magical people like shifters, fae, and witches. I wonder what Paul is though I could hazard a guess. Apparently, Amalia is half human and half something magical, so she has been able to live in both worlds, kind of.

Paul’s point of view drops a few critical things for the readers. I was right about what he is and what she is mixed with. He also unloads the history and why he did what he did. But what now, five days and a blood moon?

This book gets more magical and supernatural as the story devolves. It adds a bit of mystery to the story. This book gets steamy as they get closer to Tuesday. Some of the scenes are a little humiliating for Amalia. I find it intriguing the author brings in the three states of shifters but all in one being with the human, werewolf, and wolf shifter all connected to each other.

The conference gets exciting, and we see more of Amalia’s strengths. I think the author is overdoing the explicit scenes, especially the knotting and spanking. The Alpha’s need for submission and his mate’s dominance distract from the magical and more supernatural storylines.

There is intense action before the end of this story and many political moves. This book ended okay, but the author didn’t resolve everything mentioned in the story.

This book wasn’t a fantastic read. The storyline was okay. I was intrigued by Amalia’s powers, her relationship with Paul, and the entire town of Everlasting springs. However, the author focused more on the dominant Alpha and submissive Luna and the steamy scenes. It does have some political plot lines, and the scroll and blood moon would have been intriguing, but we never got to that in the story. I felt the story focused on the wrong things to be a fantastic wolf shifter read. Instead, it was okay; it isn’t awful, but it isn’t great. You definitely have to mind the trigger warning as it contains many explicit intimate details.

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