Blackwater Pack Series by Hannah McBride

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Sanctum (Blackwater Pack Book 1) 

A survivor on the run

After refusing the laws of her sadistic pack, Skye Markham barely escapes with her life, seeking sanctuary with the feared Blackwater pack. Hunted by her former Alpha and his soldiers, she’s determined to create a life even though she knows they will come for her.

An alpha with a pack to protect

As the next alpha in line, Remy Holt has spent years guarding the Blackwater pack and his family from those who seek to seize control and destroy them. The last thing he needs or wants is Skye Markham and the dangers she brings with her adding to the stress on his pack, but his wolf has a different opinion. He wants her, and after one moment that shouldn’t have been possible, he knows he’ll never be able to let her go.

A bond unlike any other

Skye thought she was finally safe, but as her bond with Remy strengthens, the shifter world starts to break apart at the seams. Missing shifters, a dying population, and pack wars are all causing their sanctuary to crumble around them, and Skye is trapped in the middle of it all. Someone is out to destroy the pack and if they succeed, there will bring down everything Remy has sought to protect and for Skye… maybe there is no such thing as a sanctuary.

Prey (Blackwater Pack Book 2) 

That was then…

After escaping her birth pack, being kidnapped, and nearly dying on the mountain, Skye has found a home in Blackwater. Surrounded by friends and family, and her mate, she’s ready for her final semester at Granite Peak Academy to be a lot quieter, and a lot more uneventful, than last year.

…this is now

When shifters from the academy are taken, Skye and her pack are forced to return to Blackwater. With the Spring Summit looming, Skye will finally have to face the demons of her past if she wants to have a life with Remy.

Things aren’t what they seem

Skye is done running and ready to fight for her future. She’ll do whatever it takes to protect the ones she loves … even if the threat is from someone she trusts.

Legacy (Blackwater Pack Book 3)

An unexpected alliance
After the explosions that rocked the Alpha Summit, Skye wakes up separated from her mate and with a family she never knew existed. The more she learns of this new world she comes from, the more she realizes she will never outrun her own legacy.
Reality is a nightmare
Remy survived the attack at the Summit, but he lost more than he could have imagined. As the shifter world descends in chaos, he will have to find a way to hold it all together without Skye at his side.
War is coming
Together Skye and Remy will confront their enemies, old and new, as they fight for the survival of their pack. One final war. Winner take all.

My Review

This was a series I could seriously get into in fact, I found it by accident, but once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. Starting with a damaged mc and dark themes, the story moves into an action-packed paranormal romance with a swoony Alpha. We get to read as Skye becomes stronger and more heroin-like. She is truly an impressive character.

Each book continues with the same theme as we navigate pack politics, Academy, and vengeance. However, the author wrote this series fantastically and didn’t disappoint with the steamy scenes as the books move from young adults to new adults. I also love the girl power in these books, with heroic females making a difference in this male-dominated society. This wolf shifter romance fiction isn’t one to miss. In fact, it is a must-read.

Sanctum (Blackwater Pack Book 1) 

This academy paranormal romance is about a damaged mc wolf shifter and her Alpha mate. It includes a lot of teenage drama, pack rivals, and political issues in the wolf shifter communities. Skye and her mom escaped their deranged pack and found sanctuary in a new pack. Skye adapts well and makes friends but has issues. Remi is the son of the current Alpha and will eventually be Alpha. He is intelligent and kind toward his pack and her. The author adds twists and turns in the story that will leave you cringing and gasping but ultimately, the epilogue sets this up for more mystery and issues. I love this couple together, their strength, and the fantastic Black Water Pack.

This book has trigger warnings for sensitive subjects, not for underage readers.

Skye is a high school student at Long View and a pack member, but she is bullied and hopes to be invisible. She is an omega in the pack, and they treat her disgracefully. She has relations in the pack but is still an outcast due to her mother’s or father’s past. With the current Alphas passing, her grandfather, and is her uncle taking over, she is looking at a horrible future, and how they treat their omega female is not correct. What will she do?

Wow, I didn’t expect that, and I love her mother and the Alpha mates. Now they must make the journey to this other pack and hope they are allowed there. This pack is different from the archaic one in Arizona they have left. I love that they have an Academy for wolf shifters that multiple packs attend.

She is damaged and has many issues from her past, and they come up a lot. However, she doesn’t expect to be bonded to a mate and Alpha, but he has to be the best book boyfriend, and they get steamy. I love the collaboration of the female characters in this book. They stand up for each other, take care of each other, and truly act like best friends.

Remy and Skye are so smart but also very volatile. I’m not surprised their news is a shock to her mother. This book ramps up as unexpected events take place. I like how the author brought in an old foe and a hint of what’s to come and the new mystery they are trying to solve. Skye shows her strength by making a tough decision that works out but leaves her more broken. Remy is genuinely a fantastic mate and soon-to-be Alpha and just so swoon-worthy.

The epilogue of this book leads to more mystery and issues with the greater wolf community. How will it affect our couple and this pack remains to be seen.

Prey (Blackwater Pack Book 2) 

This book is an excellent wolf shifter paranormal romance with plenty of action and suspense to keep you intrigued by the storyline. This story includes pack politics, a badass heroine and her swoony worthy mate, and twists and turns that will leave you shocked. The book is steamy, explicit, and definitely for a mature audience but a fantastic story. I’m hooked on Remy and Skye. We go from the Academy to the Alpha Summit and then on a surprise adventure. You won’t want to miss any unforgettable characters, storyline, or romance in this book.

This book warns mature readers due to explicit content and some dark themes. Some items are graphic depictions in this book and may trigger some; please read the author’s warning.

We pick up with Skye and Remy being more intimate, but they are training for fighting. Skye has moved into the Alpha cabin, but she has her room which I love. Skye has been thru a lot of trauma and has some PTSD about it with nightmares and memory relapses. I don’t blame her. She is strong and a heroine still. I love her personality in this story.

Oh, I’m surprised by where this is going and what Skye must now do. This book ramps up in the action as more mysteries seem to happen. Now they must choose the best for the students. I hope they shut this down quickly.

The Summit leaves much to be desired in how the females must act and behave and why they would be there usually. The author portrays the wolf shifter society as male-dominated. Skye is a bit out of her league, but it doesn’t kill her fire and sass. I love how protective and caring Remy is. This book gets graphic as they fight the sociopaths in her old pack. She tells part of her story but not all of it. I admire her strength and fight.

Oh wow, this book gets twisted as secrets come to light, but now she is being taken somewhere else, and what the heck? I didn’t see this coming. What about Remy?

Okay, so the author floored me into shock with that epilogue, and now I must know what happens next and do Remy and Skye get their happily ever after?

Don’t forget to read the bonus scene at the end of the book.

Legacy (Blackwater Pack Book 3)

This story is fantastic, filled with love, dark themes, and action-packed. Skye and Remy are a fantastic couple, and I love everything about their relationship in this paranormal romance fiction. This story didn’t go as I expected it, but I love how it twisted and turned and plotted good vs. evil. Remy is seriously swoon-worthy as an Alpha and mate; Skye is a badass heroine. This book gets action-packed as the author resolves many of the hanging plotlines that didn’t in the two previous books. This story does get dark, gory, and steamy. The plotline and characters will you captivated.

This book does have a trigger warning for dark themes. I can’t wait to see what happens to Skye and Remy.

We start this book with Skye. She is in Russia heading to meet her father with her stepbrother. We jump between points of view, and honestly, I can’t wait till our main characters get back together. This book is moving too slowly for my liking, and I’m not loving the separation of our main characters. Still, I do enjoy the leadership we are seeing out of Remy.

The answers we begin to get in Russia are sometimes someone else’s story to tell, and the next book in this series as it focuses on Addie, Skye’s mother. However, I am curious where this will all go besides vengeance.

I love how this shifts with more support for Remy and Skye. That reunion is swoony, steamy, and perfect. I can’t believe her father did that. I wasn’t expecting it, and it leads to other action moments in this story as this couple fights for equality and women and mating rights. I like that this pack war is bad vs. good, and you can tell which characters fall where on the sides that have been drawn.

This book and story and all the issues couldn’t have ended better. The epilogue of this book is perfect for wrapping up this book and this fantastic wolf shifter story. I love the family Skye made in the Blackwater Pack.

There are 6 books total in The Blackwater Pack Series, you can find them all on Amazon. I chose to only read the ones that were about Skye and Remy.

If you would like to read The Blackwater Pack Series by Hannah McBride you can find this series on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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