All the Right Moments: A Grady Romance: Book 5 (Grady Romances) by Stephanie Renee

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Annie – My entire life has been spent taking care of other people—an absent husband, our four kids, and a gaggle of grandkids. I love my life, but I’ve always been so worried about everyone else that I’d forgotten what it feels like to actually be happy. When an unexpected snowstorm hits and leaves me stranded in a cabin with my high school boyfriend, I finally start to remember. All these years later, Abe is still strong and sweet…and did I mention sexy? The real question is how do I mix my newfound happiness with my already-established life?

Abe – Annie Mitchell…the girl who got away. We were crazy about each other back in the day, and then, we went our separate ways to have our own happily ever afters. Unfortunately, neither one of us got a fairytale ending, but after getting stuck in a cabin together, I think maybe this is our second chance. One more chance is all I need because I’ll do whatever I can to not let her go again

**All the Right Moments is a later-in-life, second-chance, small-town novella. It is the fifth in the series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but they are better when read in order.

My Review

This novella is actually more like a full-length book. I loved that the main characters are older; there is a lot of wisdom in the chapters as they discover a second chance romance. This book does get steamy and quite descriptive, but it is a sweet later-in-life romance. I like how the author interwove the small town, family issues, and grown-up kids into the romance. This was a great read and very different for me as the characters were a lot older than I’m used to, but I still enjoyed it. I liked that the characters had history and tied them together.

Annie is grandmother to Macey. Jared, her son, is Macey’s father. This book drops you right into a bunch of family dramas. I like AAnnie’sperspective on life and lessons and family in this story. She is wise, trustworthy, and the glue behind her exceptional children and grandchildren.

Abs is a grandfather and single father to his daughter Tracy. His only daughter and, so far, a grandchild is his world. He lost the love of his life and never wanted another relationship.
I guess he is related to AAnnie’sfamily by extension as his daughter married one of her sons.

There are some moments in the story you can’t help but smile at. Annie has a boisterous family of characters, with all her children and their wives and kids having different personalities. Their Sunday family dinner brings on another task, but I love looking into the grandparents’ lives.

Leave it to Mother Nature to mess up the best-made planes, but the predicament is too amusing not to love. Annie and Abe have a lot of history even though they are just friends and have been for a long time. Their memories are sweet and youthful. This book gets steamy, and their predicament turns longer than expected and colder.

As things really start to heat up, we get a time jump back to the past. The sweet memories of youthful days help them bond better now, but life often seems to interrupt them. This book ends sweet, even with all the interruptions.

This book is part of the Grady Romance Series it is recommended you read these in order but they can be read as standalone books.

If you would like to read All the Right Moments by Stephanie Renee you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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