Lake Taimana (Otago Waters Book 3) by Stephanie Ruth

Rating: 4 out of 5.

What does it take to shift deep-seated betrayal?
Adele Fergus switched back to her maiden name with plans to never look back—never think about her naïve, short-lived marriage to James Montague. But that was before he turned up on her Wānaka doorstep with her missing diamonds, a crazy backstory, and persistent requests for visitation with his ex-stepdaughter.
Adele’s hell-bent on keeping James at arms-length, but it’s not easy with old attractions still running hot. What’s more, she’s beginning to suspect she may have left him on false information.
Divorce was never in James’ game-plan, so when his ex-wife’s jewellery comes to light, he’s drawn back to her—welcome or not—and he isn’t leaving until he has all the answers.
The more the exes re-learn to trust each other, the more they come to realise someone was intent on dragging them apart from the very beginning. Someone close.
Is it worth risking everything to start again?

My Review

This story does have an author’s note for sensitive subjects read at your own discretion. I love that the chapter names have translations.

James is on his way to see his ex Adele Montague (Ferguson ) with a package. Things between them are complicated, estranged, and uncomfortable. Adele is a single mom working to provide for her daughter Saffy. The surprise meet-up goes a bit better than expected but not fantastic. 

The author wasn’t kidding in her work; the rehashing of the sensitive scenes is graphic and will definitely leave you in tears; it could be a trigger for some. 

I like that this second chance romance it isn’t with a new couple but a couple who has fallen apart before. The author has done a fantastic job with the characters’ angst, communication, and chemistry. 

Much truth and subterfuge come to light, and I can’t blame James for taking things slow. However, it seems communication is still an issue with Adele. I really want this to work for them, but they have to learn to talk to each other seriously. This book gets steamy as Adele finally decides and uses her lungs. 

I love that she finally begins to trust, and James holds true to his word and love. This couple has had many internal and external issues to work out. They do their second chance their way, and it is heartwarming. 

This is the third book in the Otago Waters Series but it can read as a standalone story as well.

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