The Irresistible Irishman: For St. Patricks Day by MJ Fields and Jessica Ruben

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Minding my own business on St. Patrick’s Day —with a beer in my hand and Shamrock panties beneath my skirt— I sat on a sticky barstool next to my best friend.
I was expecting to chat about my latest read, but she had other plans…
A “surprise” introduction to a tall, tatted, and utterly irresistible Irishman.
One night stands were totally not me, like, not at all, until she reminded me that it was time to stop spreading pages and begin spreading… yeah, she went there.
And guess what? I took her advice.
One crazy and wild night later, my libido was officially jumpstarted.
Since then, everything has changed for the better- or so I thought.
I had a great new job and my own cozy apartment.
What I didn’t expect?
That same irresistible Irishman to become my new boss.

My Review

This contemporary romance book is definitely for a mature audience as some of the conversations and interactions are explicit. If you enjoy adult content in your read, you will love the debauchery in this story.

Sarah is at a bar on St. Patrick’s day with Faith. She might have noticed how much being single sucks, but she was too busy to notice the last two years as she was busying moving, doing self-care, and living smart. Now she is in Holiday Springs. Faith has a surprise for her friend, who apparently has been thru hell and back recently.

The Irishman is tall, off-limits to Faith and her brother’s best friend. So he is perfect for Sarah. His name is Beckett, and damn he is swoony. Her friend Faith is very punny and doesn’t mince words. Sarah talks like she just got done battling cancer. She is unsure of herself, shy, and scared of intimacy. She is relatively young at about thirty years old. And now she is starting life all over again.

I love the Irish and other saying in native language and translated at the start of the chapters. Beckett is just in town visiting his best friend Raff, Faith’s bother, and his son Nathaniel. He is charming and goes slowly with the small talk. Eventually, they make it back to his room, and this book heats up to steamy. He seems to have a kinky side and can’t help but imagine things she is not ready for yet.

The one-night stand ends, and they part ways. Then the storytime jumps to a few months later. Sarah has been experiencing an awakening of sorts since she slept with her luck Irish man. She has changed some, and her preferences for clothing and reading material have changed. Beckett is a little stuck on Sarah; he can’t help but think about her. Of course, some stuff comes to light, and just wow, the author takes this into different territory. But I personally can’t wait to see what happens.

Oh, yikes, I wonder what her response will be. This story is probably the Irish version of 50 Shades of Grey. Mr. Beckett Hawthorne definitely turns the tables on Ms. Golden. Beckett sees himself as a victim of love but isn’t agreeable to his feelings or the way his protective instincts want to provide for Sarah.

Now he seems to be chasing Sarah, but what will he truly want with her? This story is rocky, but it does defeat the odds for both love and children. Beckett is a control freak, and Sarah has a stubborn streak; they make a very interesting couple.

This story is hot and heavy but sweet and went in its own way. I like how the author incorporates a woman who is still recovering from cancer and didn’t have the confidence to admit she is damaged goods and brings her so far in the storyline with support, love, and friendship. Wow, did Sarah make considerable strides in her dreamy life. Beckett obviously being a wealthy billionaire has a lot to do with her increased confidence. Still, fairytale romance stories are definitely swoony even with the sizzling, dominant, submissive incorporation.

If you would like to read The Irresistible Irishman: For St. Patricks Day by MJ Fields and Jessica Ruben, you can find this holiday read on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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