Keeping Austin’s Mate Safe by P. Hughes

Rating: 3 out of 5.

My name is Austin Black, New alpha of my pack. I have the same duties as most aphas, but I have to find one member for the pack to be complete – Shannon Robyn. She was taken away from us by her adoptive parents a year ago, no matter how far and wide I search for her, I hit dead ends. The hardest part is that Shannon is my mate, when they took her she didn’t know. Will I be able to find her? Will I be able to complete the pack? Keep her safe from her adoptive parents? Or will the unknown be bigger than both if us?

My Review

This book was a sweet paranormal romance with a possible caring Alpha, some unexpected danger and action, and many fated mates. Overall, this was an okay stand-alone read. Still, it had a few missing words and repeated sentences in perspective swaps and normal paragraphs. I was disappointed that the main character’s family was set aside quickly after the intense action. The author left a few things hanging, but they weren’t crucial to the storyline.

Shannon is a teenager about to be an adult. Their Alpha father, who has helped her and accepted her since she was adopted, doesn’t know about her birth family. She is also a wolf shifter; she is blessed to have amazing friends. Her parents didn’t understand and locked her up because they thought she was hanging out with freaks. Shannon has a crush on the Alphas son, Austin, a very good friend. She is strong and does something surprising on her first shift after being locked up for a year. 

Austin is now Alpha and quickly discovers a surprise with Shannon as well. That was fast, but they had a solid friendship before she turned of age and was taken away for a year. He is sweet and gentle, but he does seem to honestly care about her. The sound descriptions are very provocative but kinda annoying. I like the seamless transition from one perspective to another, even in the middle of the steamy scenes.

This book gets twisted as the author involves things like hunters, wolfsbane, and vengeance. We get a flashback of what actually happened from both characters’ perspectives. We also get an unknown view he has no name. Still, the conversations are devious and obviously meant to cause harm to people. We finally get a name and history for this unknown, but his connection to Shannon is still curious. 

This story was getting very good with the action and storyline. Even the steamy scenes are smoking hot, but issues like repeating the exact words between perspectives and the same sentences in the same paragraph seem to be a problem. The nickname is cutesy but gets annoying when used every few sentences. The book is a sweet story; it contains a few fated mates. It also ends happily and is filled with love. 

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